Place a Baseball Bet on Chicago White Sox Tonight

Baseball bet odds are likely to favor the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday as they host the Chicago White Sox in Cactus League action.

The Dodgers are normally a popular team in baseball betting and that is the case even in Spring Training.

Baseball bet success is sometimes tough to predict in the spring as you don’t always know how much the starters will play.  One thing that you can look for with both teams as you make a baseball bet is that they will be working on certain things. The White Sox badly want to improve their defense from last season.  General manager Ken Williams made some changes in the off-season that are expected to help Chicago play better defense this season and that could impact baseball betting.  The White Sox traded for Kansas City’s Mark Teahen to play third base which allows Gordon Beckham to go to second base. Alexei Ramirez will play shortstop. Juan Pierre is probably going to play left field while Alex Rios will be in center.  The team also has Omar Vizquel who will back up the infielders and provide his support. "To be a championship team, you need to have a couple of guys that really stand out on defense," Vizquel said. "You can change the game with a play in a key situation. That's why you see four-to-seven game series turning on a good defensive play or a key defensive mistake."

The pitchers for Chicago are excited about how good their defense could be. "Good defense makes your pitchers better," starting pitcher Jake Peavy said. "You can't give teams extra outs, especially in the American League with the DH -- especially in our ballpark, which can favor hitters. It's pretty simple. You've got to catch the baseball. You give a team more than 27 outs and they're going to capitalize on it.”

The Dodgers have defensive issues of their own but they are focused now on their starting pitching rotation.  One of the contenders to make the rotation might be a surprise if you are making a baseball bet. Ramon Ortiz could be the fifth starter for the Dodgers this season. "Every opportunity, I want to do the best I can," said Ortiz, "Right now, it feels very good." Ramon Ortiz is competing with some other pitchers for that last spot as those making a baseball bet see, including Russ Ortiz, Eric Stults and knuckleballer Charlie Haeger.