Baltimore Trying to Contend Baseball Betting

Baseball betting on the Baltimore Orioles has not been very successful in recent seasons.

The Orioles play in the very tough American League East and that means they have to deal with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.  Can the Orioles contend in 2010 and can they improve against the MLB betting odds?

Baseball betting has seen a lot of losses for Baltimore over the past decade.  Since 1997 the Orioles have had 12 straight losing seasons. They have finished above fourth just once. They have not won more games than the Yankees or Red Sox in any of those years. Last year was the worst of all of them for Baltimore in baseball betting as they lost 98 games.  There is some good news for Baltimore in MLB betting. They Orioles do have a plan to contend in the American League East and there is some hope.  The Orioles hired Andy MacPhail as their team president in 2007 and MacPhail has had a plan that should start bearing fruit this season.

Baltimore is trying to do what Tampa Bay did when they rose from a loser into a contender.  The Colorado Rockies have done the same thing.  Is it possible the Orioles could be the next surprise team in baseball betting?  Baltimore has learned that trading players when they are worth their most for younger potential stars is the way to go.  It worked for Colorado and it has worked for other teams in the past. Two years ago the Orioles traded Erik Bedard to the Mariners and got a lot in return. They picked up centerfielder Adam Jones and pitchers Chris Tillman, Kam Mickolio and Tony Butler, and reliever George Sherrill. They traded Sherrill last year to the Dodgers for two more prospects, third baseman Josh Bell and pitcher Steve Johnson.  Jones is an All-Star already while other top prospects are ready to make their mark in baseball betting.

Baltimore has also drafted well recently and that is another key to improving in baseball betting.  To compete with big market teams in baseball betting, smaller market teams like Baltimore also have to sign young players to long-term contracts. The Orioles have done that with outfielder Nick Markakis. The other key in MLB betting is to be smart with free agents.  The Orioles have signed third baseman Miguel Tejada, first baseman Garrett Atkins and closer Mike Gonzalez.   

The Orioles are hoping to challenge for a winning season in 2010. That would be a massive improvement in MLB betting.  It is possible if they continue to make smart baseball betting moves.