April Baseball Betting

Baseball betting in the month of April excites all those who love the opening of the baseball season.

Not only do serious baseball bettors get excited about the start of the baseball season but so do multitudes of casual baseball fans.  How should you treat the month of April in MLB betting and what do you need to remember.

Baseball betting in April is full of peril for the careless and those who are not prudent about shopping for value. It isn’t enough for a baseball bettor to read one of the annual season preview magazines or surf the Internet to bone up on transactions, roster changes and managerial moves to get ready for April baseball betting.  The most important thing to do is to ascertain value when looking at the team and particularly the starting pitchers.

Judging the value of a team and the pitchers is not as complicated as it may sound at first glance.  First of all, check out a team’s record against the MLB betting line from last year, and even the past two or three seasons. That is a great way to start getting ready for April baseball betting.  Just because a team had a great record or a poor record, does not mean that they don’t have certain areas of strengths and weaknesses.

It is vitally important early in the baseball betting season not to overreact.  Yes, a team like Pittsburgh could get off to a hot start but do you really want to bet them every game?  It is also possible a team like the Yankees or Red Sox could struggle early.  Do you want to keep betting against them?

You really have to be careful early in the MLB betting season because teams like the Yankees and Red Sox have very little value.  The oddsmaker is aware of the Yankees’ popularity and the MLB betting price for wagering on the Yankees is going to be high.  It is very possible you will be laying more than 2-1 on the Yankees even early in the season. That is a major problem when starting pitchers rarely go more than six innings.  There simply is not a lot of value in taking big favorites early in the baseball betting season. Later in the year you might be able to do that but in April it is risky.

There is no question that finding value is important in baseball betting and that applies to the month of April as well.