American League Divisional Series Baseball Betting Games Begin Friday

American League Divisional Series Baseball Betting Games Begin Friday

October 4th, 2018 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

The Houston Astros were the underdog hunter with baseball betting games for the 2017 playoffs.  Fashion their epic and Cinderella World Series title as among the most memorable upsets ever.  However now the Astros are the hunted instead of the hunter.  And it’s the Cleveland Indians that are their capable underdog opponent.  Meanwhile the Red Sox and Yankees will renew their rivalry for the ages.  Boston had the upper hand in the regular season.  While the Bronx Bombers bashed the most home runs of all time.  The best of five American League Divisional playoffs start Friday!

American League Divisional Series

Cleveland Indians vs. Houston Astros

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Date and Time:  Friday, October 5 through Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Houston Astros

A clear difference can be felt by Houston in just one short year.  What’s more ironic is that the Astros could be a better team for 2018.  Yet their path for another World Series title will be more difficult.  Also problematic is that the Astros were in the red for baseball betting games despite a record of 103-59.  Account of expensive odds and public demand served to undermine value.  Houston ranked sixth in MLB for run production and first for ERA.  Alex Bregman powered to 31 home runs and 103 RBI.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland coasted to win the pathetic AL Central.  Balanced against is the Indians have been a massive sportsbook loser.  Playing in baseball’s worst division made them consistently expensive favorites.  On the whole the Tribe ranked third for run production and ninth for ERA.  Powering Cleveland were Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, and Edwin Encarnacion.  To be exact all three had at least 32 home runs.

Boston Red Sox

In this situation Boston was one of the biggest money winners on the board this year.  Playing in the strong AL East kept their prices down.  Hence the Red Sox were the top scoring team in baseball this year.  Up against that is a pitching staff that ranked only 14th for quality starts.  JD Martinez led Boston with 43 home runs.

New York Yankees

New York set the MLB record for team home runs this year.  Despite winning 100 games the Yankees were a money loser on the board.  Balanced against the Yankees is a pitching staff that ranked 15th for quality starts.  In the same way as Boston, New York ranked second for run production.  Giancarlo Stanton clobbered a team best 38 home runs.

Stats to Consider

Among the four teams Houston ranked best in MLB for bullpen.  It follows that the Yankees ranked fourth best for bullpen ERA.  Balanced against that was Cleveland’s bullpen rank of 26th in MLB.  Boston’s bullpen ranked ninth best.

 Matchup to Watch

Starting with Houston’s example from last year the underdogs are always the first place to look in playoff baseball betting games.  Regardless Cleveland faces a tall task against the proven Astros.  However, the Yankees are a real threat in their series with Boston.  Increasingly, its most important to not overpay with too much chalk in individual games.  Increasingly worrisome is Boston’s pitching staff.

ALDS Betting Odds Picks

In sum the Yankees and Astros rank as the better choices to win their respective series.

ALDS Betting Online Series Predictions:  Houston Astros and New York Yankees.

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