AL Designated Hitters Rarely Impacting MLB Odds

This year’s All-Star game may look the same but some changes have been made that could affect the baseball odds.

The game in baseball betting odds that determines home field advantage in the World Series is going to look even more like an exhibition game this year.

Baseball odds will favor the American League in the All-Star game on July 13th in Anaheim, California.  This year’s game is going to be a little bit different though as baseball commissioner Bud Selig has changed some things again.  Rosters have been expanded so now there will be 34 players for each team.  There used to be 28 players on the roster but that number has risen and now it will be 34, with 13 pitchers on each team. "Any time you can add people to the All-Star team it's good," said Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel.  While the roster expansion is a good rule, one of the new rules really makes the game look like an exhibition.

This year the All-Star game will have additional changes that could affect the baseball odds. A pitcher who starts the Sunday before the All-Star game will not be allowed to pitch in the game. "You always have a problem with the Sunday pitchers. No matter what they say, Tuesday's not a good day for them to pitch," St. Louis manager Tony La Russa said.  Another major change is that the DH will be used every year in the All-Star game even in National League cities. "I think that's a great idea," La Russa said. "You go through a lot of needless scorecard work, it's unnecessary." The fans will vote for the American League DH while the National League manager will pick his DH.

One new rule that is likely to get a lot of scrutiny is the one that allows a position player to re-enter the game if the final position player gets hurt.  That is not allowed in regular baseball rules. "The changes are designed to make the All-Star Game as competitive a contest as it could possibly be," said Rob Manfred, baseball's executive vice president of labor relations.

With the DH being added to games at National League parks the scoring could go up in the All-Star game. It is not a factor this season since the game is in Anaheim but could be a factor down the road vs. the baseball betting odds.