Advice on what to avoid in Baseball Betting.

Baseball betting is sometimes more about the plays you don’t make than the plays you actually do.

Baseball betting will give you a lot of choices throughout the season. Let’s take an example of a power team at home with its ace pitcher against an average team that is weak offensively. This sounds like a great play in MLB betting doesn’t it? That -240 line dampers your enthusiasm though. Sure, you can force the issue and you may even get away with it in baseball betting. Eventually such bets are going to catch up with you and it takes a few days to make up for one loss such as this in MLB betting. When judging the risk versus potential reward, it isn’t worth the price in baseball betting.

As poker players will tell you it’s often the hands that you muck that make or break you. One of the most valuable and yet difficult acquired skills needed to succeed at MLB betting is to know that plays to avoid.

Another potential trap is when two high scoring teams meet up and the baseball betting line reflects that with a high total and minus money. They are telling you that if you want to play the over, that’s ok, but you are going to pay through the nose in baseball betting. You must decide if the price is too high and worth that extra risk in MLB betting. Often it is not and you are better off passing in baseball betting.

No matter how good you are at baseball betting there are times when you are going to hit a slump. The best thing to do when you literally cannot buy a win is to walk away, or significantly diminish your betting amounts rather than do what most guys do, which is bet more on their losing picks. The same holds true for teams in baseball betting. Let’s say a power team is in a slump and you begin to wager on them in the attempt at being there when it ends, except it doesn’t end as soon as you anticipated and you end up throwing money down the drain on a club that is already high priced and now not playing well. The same holds true for a bad team that is suddenly catching fire in baseball betting. Some gamblers will immediately start betting against the weak team thinking that they are due to start losing soon, except sometimes they don’t lose right away. Ultimately in baseball betting the golden rule is to never lose your long term mentality.