2015 MLB All-Star Preview

December 18th, 2019 MLB Baseball

With the first half of the 2015 MLB Season winding down its time to get ready for the 2015 All-Star game on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015 and the game is to be played at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio and the game starts at 5 PM ET.

That is now just 2 days away and there are still 2 last votes before the AL & NL rosters are complete for Tuesday’s game. This is the baseball spectacle that allows baseball and sports fans around the world the opportunity to watch the best players that Major League Baseball can offer in the USA.

Yes, there are also a few post season implications on the line, because the league team that wins this game, also wins the rights to the home field advantage in the 2015 World Series playoffs. Apart from this 2015 All-Star game there also are several other festivities that you should not miss, particularly the 2015 Home Run Derby, which this year comes with a new type of format and 8 great sluggers who will be swinging for the fences in Cincinnati at the Great American Ball Park.

For the baseball fans that Bet on MLB at sites such as SBGGlobal.com and care to bet on the AL team this season, then you know your team was put together this season to impress, and they are the team that has won the last 2 All Star games, as in the last 12 games they managed to win 9 of the All-Star events.

As the fan voting took place for this event an interesting story came to the front, and that was the number of KC Royals fans that were to make the AL roster, as in the final vote some 6 Royal players made the 2015 roster, and 4 in starting positions.

The team stars are M. Cabrera & A. Pujols but because of injury to Cabrera, Pujols will take his spot on the lineup for starters. Pujols has 26 HR’s to date and a batting average of .262 with some 56 RBI’s to date. His Angel’s teammate and present MVP M. Trout is on the roster also. Trout earlier this season reach 100 bases stolen and hit 100 home runs to become the youngest to reach that fete in his career.

Ned Yost the Manager for the AL will have a bull pen full of pitchers that are having a great season so he should have no trouble picking a starter, but we like C. Sale of the White Sox of Chicago who leads the AL with a SO ration of 33.4%. Other capable pitchers to start would be Astros D. Keuchel or A’s S. Gray.

For the fans of the National League All-Stars this just may be the season the NL ends the winning streak of the AL for the All-Star games. The AL rosters stars a young B. Harper who leads the NL in OPS, OBP and slugging % who has 25 homers to date and his averaging some .343 and he has 60 RBI’s to date. For the Nationals there are 2 Cincy players for the local fans with T. Frazier who is hitting .285 and has hit some 50 hits for extra bases. Then there is pitcher J. Cueto who led the NL All-Star vote for the last roster spot.

Apart from that the NL has two of the best starting pitchers in the League for 2015 with Nationals M. Scherzer with an ERA of 1.82 and strike out to walk ration of 9.92 and seeking the Cy Young Award. They also have Z. Greinke of the Dodgers with the best ERA in the MLB for 2015 at 1.39 and he has a 35 1/3 innings scoreless streak to date. The Media experts are predicting that the National League will win the 2015 MLB All Star Game and the MVP will be B. Harper of the Nationals of Washington D.C.

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