2008 Baseball World Series Schedule

Baseball World Series action in 2008 gets underway with Game 1 on Wednesday, October 22nd.

The first game in baseball World Series betting will see the American League with the home field advantage. All of the baseball World Series games will be televised on FOX.

Baseball World Series action gives you a few things to consider. You can bet the normal side, totals, run line and parlays but you can also make a series bet. That is when you are wagering on the overall baseball World Series and not individual games. It is a nice wager to make in the baseball World Series because it keeps you in action for every game for just one wager.

Baseball World Series action begins on Wednesday with Game 1 and is followed the next day with Game 2. Both of those baseball World Series games are at the American League Park in 2008 since the American League won the All-Star game which determined home field advantage. Games 3, 4 and 5 (if necessary) are at the National League Park. Game 3 in baseball World Series action is on Saturday, October 25th. Game 4 is on Sunday while Game 5 is on Monday. Games 6 and 7 (if necessary) will be back in the American League Park. Game 6 in baseball World Series action is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29th. Game 7 would be on Thursday.

As you look at baseball World Series betting you can consider the normal handicapping factors like pitching, hitting, left/right splits, etc. You may also want to look at totals in baseball World Series betting. That would involve considering the weather, umpires, etc. One thing that some gamblers forget about baseball World Series betting is that they can still bet a parlay. They can bet the side and total of a game in a two-teamer. It is a nice little wager in the baseball World Series that can increase the payoff for a small bet. Most gamblers will look to the favorite and the over with their baseball World Series parlay but four options actually exist. Gamblers can take the favorite and over, the favorite and under, the underdog and over and the underdog and under.

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