Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2007 Baseball Betting Season Preview

May 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays were the worst team in all of baseball in 2006 baseball betting season. I am not a fortune teller or a soothsayer but I am very confident in saying that Tampa Bay will again be the worst team in baseball in 2007 baseball betting season. Tampa Bay has finished last place in their baseball betting division since before time begin and it will finish last again this baseball betting year and probably every year after, at least in the near term.

For whatever reason, tight purse strings, poor management, bad personnel decision, or probably a bit of all of the above, this baseball betting team can simply not get good in the baseball odds and performance. It is a very bad and there’s not really all that to look forward to this baseball betting season for D-Ray baseball odds fans either. Not much has changed and the baseball betting division has only gotten more difficult in the off-season.

One good thing is that the team can’t get much worse. One of only two teams to break the 100 baseball odds loss mark last baseball betting year there is plenty of room to improve but not much to get worse. The only player of any real quality on this roster is pitching ace Scott Kazmir who is a legitimate all-star and if there was any justice in baseball he’d get traded to a contender and get the run support the needs to wrack up a huge amount of baseball betting wins. But, baseball odds are full of justice and it’s very likely that when the D-Rays reach the all-star break with 25 losses, some deep pocketed team gearing up for the baseball betting playoffs will trade for Kazmir.

The team will give the D-Rays a king’s ransom in several blue chip prospects. The deal will benefit everyone, the contender in the short term, and the D-Rays in the long term. It’s very probable, but still only hypothetical.

Expect Kazmir, if healthy, to put together another baseball betting season of strong stats. It’s amazing that he can get so many wins with such a bad team, is likely much underrated. One other spot that doesn’t stink as bad as the rest of the team is the D-Rays outfield. This group of guys could really shine this baseball betting year, which would also likely lead to some kind of trade down the stretch. But for now Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli and Delmon Young will start in the outfield and likely pleasantly surprise the baseball betting world.

Crawford is a leadoff man supreme with lighting speed and a decent bat. Young was the minor league player of the baseball betting year last baseball odds season and put up some decent baseball odds numbers in the few at bats he had last baseball betting season. He’s positioned to have a break out year this baseball betting season and is highly prized by the organization. Baldelli is a great fielder but is a bit fragile. All three of these guys have been involved in some kind of trade talk.

Third baseman Akinori Iwamura is at best an average player, but on this weak squad that passes for greatness. Since coming over from Japan he has displayed the defensive progess that made him as a star in this native country and exhibited an incredible amount of range in the infield and the outfield. He could be pleasant surprise in 2007 baseball betting season. The shortstop position is up in the air but will likely go to BJ Upton since he swings a decent bat and this team is anemic in the runs department.

Other than Kazmir the pitching staff is awful. Who knows who will be filling out the starting rotation after the number one spot and none of the options are good and there will likely be a lot of call ups during the baseball betting season, as the team desperately tires to figure out their pitching staff. The bull pen is without a doubt the worst in baseball odds and stats. Seth McClung will get the closer duties, this after registering only six saves last baseball betting year.

If there is a worse team in baseball this baseball betting season, we’ll certainly find out, but it will be very surprising if it’s not the D-Rays. This team has only two, perhaps three, players that would even make the roster of most MLB teams. With such a strong division this team has no shot of making the playoffs or even finishing in the top three of the division. If this team can keep the losses under 100, it would be a triumph.