Baseball Betting on the Seattle Mariners – 2007 season preview

May 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

This could very well be the last baseball betting year of Ichiro in Seattle. One of the best and most complete hitters in the game, Ichiro Suzuki can always be depended on to put up huge numbers and that will be especially true this MLB betting year as he plays out his contract year. Seattle will do everything in their power to resign him.

This could set the table for what should be an interesting baseball betting season in the Pacific Northwest. The Mariners haven’t had any real baseball betting success since Ichiro has been a member of the MLB betting team and their last place finish in the division in 2006 baseball betting season isn’t going to want to make him stick around for an extended taste of mediocrity.

On paper, this MLB betting team has plenty of talent. But it all boils down to pitching in this MLB betting league and that will be one of the major question marks in 2007 baseball betting season for Seattle. Coming off of last baseball betting season’s 78-84 season, the team certainly hopes to improve, and with the players that it has on its roster and the relatively weak competition in the AL West, the Mariners will have a legitimate shot to compete for the baseball betting division crown, although they are certainly not the favorite.

The Mariners finished 15 games out of first last baseball betting year and their .481 winning percentage was among the worst in the AL. At home the baseball betting team was solid within the friendly confines of Safeco Field with a baseball betting record of 44-37, but outside of Seattle the team stunk, going 34-47. This is an area that the MLB betting team will have to improve on in 2007 baseball betting season.

The problem with the MLB betting team’s pitching stems from last baseball betting season’s poor results and some fresh young blood that was brought in the off season. In 2007 baseball betting season the Mariners hope to build the starting rotation around Felix “the king” Rodriquez and Jarred Washburn, both capable starters who could rack up 15 baseball betting wins each with the proper run support, but definitely not Cy Young material at the moment.

These two hurlers will hold down the top of the rotation while Horacio Ramirez, a bit of a wild card coming off a shoulder injury last baseball betting season will most likely hold down the third spot in the lineup. Ramirez was brought over in the off season in a trade with Atlanta and could make or break this rotation depending on how he bounces back form the injury.

Miguel Batista and Jarred Weaver will fill in the next two spots on the depth chart. Batista has shown that he’s got the stuff to be a very decent three or four pitcher and Jarred Weaver is coming off an outstanding burst at the end of the 2006 baseball betting season. However, the jury is still out on how well the rotation on a whole really can pitch and on paper it doesn’t appear to be much above average, but if these pitchers all play up to their potential, this could be a decent starting rotation.

However, by bringing in these new faces in the off season it cost the team their best closer in Raphael Soriano who was sent packing and with Soriano gone, the bull pen is full of holes. JJ Putz seems to the number closer of choice in 2007 baseball betting season and even though he’ll have decent support in the set up role, he just isn’t that impressive. Free agent signings Arthur Rhodes and Chris Reitsma should be able to log some long innings in middle relief and limit Putz as few innings as possible.

At the plate this is a powerful lineup on paper. However, on the field, it produces a much different result as apparent from last baseball betting year’s struggles. Ritchie Sexton was supposed to be the next great thing here in Seattle but has struggled more than expected. However, in fairness he has had some great power numbers in terms of homers and RBI’s but his .260 baseball betting average has fans cringing.

Adrien Beltre at third was another guy with huge expectations when he signed as s free agent and he has yet to pan out. This guy is no Dave Kingman and his .268 average with 25 homers and 89 baseball betting RBIs is very pedestrian for a guy earning that much cash. And outfield anchored but Ichiro is decent and when his baseball betting stats are paired with those of fellow outfielder Raul Ibanez who had a career year last year with 33 homers and 123 baseball betting RBIs it’s a pretty solid group. However, no one is really convinced that he can repeat that kind of production and the other fielder Hose Guillen is a huge potential problem as well.

The Mariner’s have the collective talent to win the baseball betting division on paper, but it just doesn’t seem very likely. If the starting rotation lives up to its potential and all the pitching personnel moves pay off, they have a small chance, but it just doesn’t seem like this is an MLB betting team that can knock off Oakland.


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