Baseball Betting Odds on the San Francisco Giants - 2007 season preview

In 2005 baseball betting odds season was overshadowed by the entire Barry Bonds steroid rumors situation.

In 2006 the Giants baseball betting odds season was overshadowed by the entire Barry Bonds steroid rumors situation. In 2007 the Giants baseball betting odds season will again be overshadowed by the entire steroid rumors situation… and his quest for the most hallowed record in all of American sports.

Baseball betting odds fans says that for once we might be able to move past the steroid issue and enjoy the purity of our national pastime and the quest for a great achievement. But it probably won’t play out that way as Bonds seems to slump deeper into trouble at every turn of these sordid doping investigations and to be honest, people just don’t like him.

He is a terribly unlikeable man. This is a pity. He has never been in trouble with the law, he is a tremendously hard worker, he’s never failed a drug test or beat his wife, but at the end of the day his is simply a jerk. And in baseball or any sport, drug violations, crimes and many other flaws can be erased with charisma, but Bonds has none. And on the public stage of opinion there is no greater offense than being a jerk.

Bonds will get the home run record this baseball betting odds year. He is 22 homers short of Hank Aaron’s monumental mark and he should eclipse it sometime in September barring injury, which with Bonds is never a given. Years of likely steroid use has left his body a fragile shell and he’s simply packing too much weight for his joints to support. And even though every move he makes will dominate the team’s baseball betting odds season and there will likely be some surly outburst, enough about Bonds for now.

The main question facing this team in 2007 baseball betting odds season is whether or not Bonds and the media circus will be a distraction and the answer is an overwhelming yes, but the baseball bet team may be able to get over it. Bringing in Barry Zito was a fantastic move. It’s never fun to lose an ace like Jason Schmidt, but if that’s what it takes to get a gem like Zito, the price is worth it.

Zito is one of those rare pitchers that simply cannot be rattled and he’ll be a perfect fit for a baseball bet team that is constantly rattled by the presence of perhaps the greatest baseball player ever. He is workhorse who goes deep into games, keeps his ERA down, is never injured and simply wins.

Backing up Zito in the staring rotation will be Matt Cain, Matt Morris, Noah Lowry and Russ Ortiz. Cain could be a player to watch. Just 21 years old he can flat out pitch. Based on last baseball betting odds year’s break out numbers expect this guy to have a big baseball betting odds season if he doesn’t burn out. Matt Morris is the wild card here, a very good player but put of mediocre numbers last baseball betting odds year while being hampered by injuries.

If healthy, he can put up good baseball betting odds numbers and this could make or break the baseball bet team. Lowry and Ortiz are considerably weaker talents in the rotation and don’t be surprised to see Ortiz sent down to the farm club if he doesn’t get off to a fast start. The bull pen is a huge question mark and with Armando Benitez closing, you never know what you’re going to get. He needs to be more consistent in 2007 baseball betting odds season if the Giants want to win the baseball bet division.

At the plate lead off man Dave Roberts is fine player who can give the Giants 50 steals and a .300 average, a great pick up for the $6 million a year price. Second baseman Ray Durham has gone under the radar but adds some pop to the lineup and is coming off a 26 homer baseball betting odds season. The rest of the hitters are nothing that will give pitchers nightmares and this will only add to the pressure already on the Giant’s pitching staff.

The NL West is wide open and there are not really good teams here, actually it’s the weakest division in baseball bet. If the giant’s pitching staff can stay healthy and the bull pen is consistent there’s not reason why this team can’t compete for the baseball bet division crown. However, the whole Bonds thing will probably be too much and LA looks like a much stronger team on paper. Expect the Giants to finish second in the baseball betting odds division with around 8 wins.