Baseball Gambling on the San Diego Padres – 2007season preview

May 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The San Diego Padres are two time division champs coming into the 2007 baseball gambling season. And they could be the worst team to ever win consecutive division titles ever. This team barely squeaked it out last baseball gambling year, actually tying with the LA Dodgers and the year before the division was even worse.

But it looks like the reign of the Padres could come to an abrupt end this baseball gambling season as the rest of the division has bulked up and San Diego has done little to keep pace. In fact, this team suffered some huge losses in the off season and will scrambling to try and fill holes in the early part of the 2007 baseball gambling season.

It seemed a miracle that this baseball gambling team won the division with an 88-74 baseball odds record last year, but this year there is a snowballs chance in hell that the team can repeat due its great subtractions and its divisional rivals’ great additions.

The high point for this club is certainly its pitching and that’s the reason why it’s won two consecutive baseball gambling titles. The Starting rotation is helmed by Jake Peavy who among the elite at the position in this sport. Last baseball gambling season, wasn’t quite up to his own stellar standards and he should have a little bit extra motivation when he takes the mound this baseball gambling season.

Look for him to have a great baseball gambling year. Chris Young established himself as a solid starter in 2006 baseball gambling season and a decent baseball odds season is expected from him in 2007.

But the real hype surrounding this rotation is the addition of living legend and four time Cy Young winner Greg Maddux. Although not what he once was, Maddux is still a master of pinpoint pitching and can probably pitch until he’s fifty. He’s in great shape, his arm is healthy and his release doesn’t take much of a toll on his body. Forget the baseball odds stats from last year, in PETCO Park, a pitcher friendly place, with a good defense behind him his win total should increase.

The rotation was thrown for a loop when David Wells announced he had diabetes, but that should have little bearing on his performance this baseball gambling season.

The bull pen is solid again with the all times save leader, Trevor Hoffman; still plugging away chasing after the once unattainable 500 saves mark. Clay Meredith is also an exceptional set up man. His numbers were inhuman last baseball gambling year and when Hoffman finally hangs up the cleats, this guy should be a great replacement at the closer spot.

At the plate this team is weak. Run production will almost certainly be the downfall of this team no matter how good the staff may be at closing down opponents. There just isn’t a lot of life in the team’s bats and it may get ugly at the plate. There are two guys that will carry much of the offensive load for this team this baseball gambling year and both are more or less unproven. If both Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Kouzmanoff can play up to their potential, they will have great baseball gambling seasons and there should be little concern for the offense.

But, that’s a big if and you never really know. Kouzmanoff was a top hitting prospect from the Indians and called up during last baseball gambling season. He knocked a grand slam out the park on the first pitch he saw. Gonzalez had been playing in the shadows of mark Texiara in Texas, but last baseball gambling year proved himself a very capable power and average hitter in San Diego. With Mike Piazza’s bat out the lineup this will be the go to go for this baseball gambling team.

It wouldn’t be crazy to think that this baseball gambling team can compete for the division title, but unless some of their younger talents have absolutely break-out seasons at the plate, on paper this baseball gambling team just doesn’t have the firepower to compete with the likes of the Dodgers, the D-Backs and even the Giants.

Figure on the Padres to finish third in the division with a 75-80 baseball odds win season. This team just seems to be lacking in the run production department and after its top three pitchers the starting rotation seems a bit weak as well. However, that’s what the experts have been saying about the Padres for the past two baseball gambling seasons and look how that’s turned out for them. So aside from prior predictions, this baseball gambling division always seems wide open and you never really know what to expect until the final baseball odds game has been played.