Baseball Gambling on the Minnesota Twins - 2007 season preview

The twins came out of nowhere in 2007 baseball gambling season to put together a very impressive baseball odds season.

Not only did they string together a 96-66 baseball odds record, good enough for second best in the Majors, they also compiled a very impressive collection of individual hardware and wrapped up the AL Central title, edging out the Detroit Tigers with a well-timed late baseball gambling season push.

The baseball gambling playoffs didn’t turn out quite so rosy for the team as they had their hats handed to them by A’s as the swept Minnesota in three games. However, the team did have the AL Cy Young, AL MVP and AL batting title to console them in their off season, which isn’t the same as a baseball gambling playoff series win, but it helps take the edge off.

The Twins were the hottest team in baseball gambling from June on and if they hadn’t gotten off to such a sluggish start in 2006 baseball gambling season they could have easily broken the 100 win plateau. This baseball gambling year that feat might be a bit more difficult as the off-season took its toll on the team’s very respectable starting rotation. An important part of last baseball gambling season’s success, Brad Radke retried and one of the key ingredients at the top of the rotation, Francisco Liriano, had elbow surgery and will not be back for some time.

Anytime a team loses half of its rotation its never good, but the bright side is that some younger pitchers got some experience and logged some major innings.

Boof Bosner, maybe the goofiest name in all of baseball gambling, showed some great promise last baseball odds season and the Twins hope he can build on it and become a regular fixture in the bottom half of the starting rotation. The same is true of the youngster Matt Garza who looks like he might even be number 3 material in the rotation. The Twins also signed free agents Ramon Ortiz and Sidney Ponson, although neither is expected to light the world on fire they’ll give the Twins more arms to insert into the bottom of the rotation.

At the top of the rotation is the best pitcher in baseball gambling and reigning Cy Young winner, Johan Santana. The sky is the limit for this guy and based on his baseball odds career this far, you can expect him to come close to 20 wins in 2007 baseball gambling season with an ERA under 3.00, with a ton of Ks and innings pitched.

This guy is as solid as they come in pro baseball gambling and he’ll be the catalyst again for any success that this team has. He’ll be backed up again by one the top five bull pens in baseball gambling. Joe Nathan should have no problem closing out games again with great efficiency and set up man extraordinaire Juan Rincon is as good as they come. Lefty Denny Reyes is also expected to be a big contribute in the middle innings this baseball gambling year as well.

At the plate this team is explosive. No other line can boast of the MVP and batting champ. MVP Justin Morneau came out of nowhere last baseball gambling season and put together a monster baseball odds season. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t bat .300 with 30 homers and 100+ RBIs again this baseball gambling year.

He’ll provide the Twins with some power in the middle of the batting order along with Michael Cuddyer and Torri hunter. Both of these outfielders had resurgent years last baseball gambling season and their power numbers helped push them over the top. Catcher Joe Mauer has proven to be the real deal behind the plate catching and on the other side of it as well, hitting for monster averages.

The only real weakness for this team in 2007 baseball gambling season will be at the short stop and second base positions. SS Jason Bartlett just doesn’t look like MLB material and could lose his job this baseball gambling season to AAA upstart Alexi Castilla. For most teams Louis Castillo wouldn’t be a bad player at second, and he fits in nicely with the Twins, but with such a loaded team, his mediocrity seems glaring.

The Twins play in one of the tougher divisions in baseball gambling, and the AL Central certainly has the best pitching anywhere in the majors. The Twins inexperienced pitching staff will have to prove that they can play up to their predecessors’ level. However, that being said, this team should win the baseball gambling division. This is a very tough team and it just seems to win. Now that they’ve found their bats and have stud ace at the top of the rotation this team should be in the baseball gambling World Series hunt for next few baseball odds years.