Baseball Betting on Kansas City Royals 2007

Anyone that remembers the last time the Kansas City Royals had a decent baseball gambling team is no doubt collecting social security right now.

There has been an entire generation already born and raised to adulthood since the last time the KC Royals were anywhere near the baseball gambling World Series and barring an act of God, there won’t be a Royals team in 2007 baseball gambling season either.

But online baseball betting fans can take heart that during this baseball gambling season perhaps this young team can gain some valuable experience and improve upon what was one loss away from being the worst in the majors. Suffice it to say the baseball gambling team can’t get much worse and it would seem that there is only way for the direction of this team to go and that is up.

Online baseball betting experts know that last year’s 62-100 baseball gambling season was more a less an on the job training session for the young players that will be expected to carry the Royals this baseball gambling season. Whether or not they’ll be able to do it or not is an entirely different question, but that is what will be expected of them this baseball gambling season. Luke Hudson and Brian Bannister will leaned on heavily in the starting rotation to try and add to those 62 wins. Both are good young pitchers but are both still very raw and will take a few starts to really iron out the kinks and figure out major batters a bit more.

In the off season the Royals tried to remedy their pitching woes of last baseball gambling season, but accomplished little, it would seem, when they signed Gil Menche to a five-year $54 million contract. That contract is a lot of money, granted, but not all that much relative to other pitchers expected to carry the number position in the starting bullpen. But the question most online baseball betting fans have this baseball gambling year is not, whether or not Kansas City, overpaid, but just exactly is Gil Menche? He’s limited success in the majors but he is clearly not number one material in baseball gambling, not even number two material. The Royals are one of the few baseball gambling teams in the majors terrible enough for this guy to wear the number one tag.

In the bull pen things aren’t much better. Actually they’re probably worse. The only decent pitcher among the lot is Dotel and he can’t do the job by himself. Online baseball betting experts think that it doesn’t look he’ll get much help from the starting rotation either and so it’s very easy to imagine a scenario where the Royals pitching will simply fall apart in many baseball gambling games and thereby allowing the flood gates to open on a burst of runs by their opponents (not that sort of thing has ever happened in the past or anything).

There isn’t a lot of optimism surrounding the position players either. There is some good young talent but it may not all come to together yet. This baseball gambling team may need some more time to gel. One bright spot is the possibility of Alex Brown, the big time prospect in the Royals organization may get a chance to make his mark in the big leagues this baseball gambling season. Last baseball gambling season he played with the Royals AA club and put up some big numbers.

This is a bit of a conundrum for the Royals since playing Gordon would show the online baseball betting fans that the baseball gambling team is looking toward the future and serious about developing its talent, yet at the same time. Online baseball betting experts know that Mark Teahan, is probably one of the better infield players they have, so to get rid of him simply to make so a prospect can get some experience, may be self-defeating in the short-term.

Mark Grudzelanek is as blue collar and hard core as they get, but he’s getting on in age and he’s not the baseball gambling player that used to be. Angel Berrora the shortstop had a simply terrible baseball gambling year in 2006 and he could easily be out of a job in 2007 baseball gambling season. A .234 batting average and 9 homers with 54 runs batted in simply isn’t good enough to stay in the majors, especially when these baseball gambling stats are accompanied with 18 errors.

But an even weaker spot in the infield could be behind the plate where it seems it will be two headed monster with Jason LaRue coming in during the off season to challenge or platoon with the awful John Buck.

There is actually very little that Kansas City and online baseball betting fans have to look forward to this baseball gambling year. This is a terrible franchise any way you look at it, and it will take baby steps, not giant leaps. A realistic goal for this team would be crossing the 75-win barrier, and that’s about it.