Baseball Gambling on the Houston Astros – 2007 season preview

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Houston has had some very productive baseball gambling years recently. But it’s never been quite enough to put them over the hump.

By making the World Series just two baseball gambling seasons ago the team made history and it looked like they might be with reach of the brass ring, but not any more. This is an aging team that despite their obvious talent just can’t seem to get it done.

The baseball betting team was still in the thick of the playoff hunt last baseball gambling year, right down to the final game and late baseball gambling season blitz to finish on an 8-2 streak almost got them the division crown. But St Louis nipped them by a game and went onto win the baseball gambling World Series.

In 2007 baseball gambling season the Houston Astros will again be in contention for the division title have their sites firmly trained on another trip to the baseball gambling World Series. This is an aging baseball gambling team with a lot of questions but some undeniable talent at various spots. There is huge hole at the top their starting pitching rotation now that Andy Pettite has left to re-sign with the Yankees.

Petite despite his age was still an important piece of the staff last baseball gambling season, but the Astros inevitably made the right decision letting him go to New York and avoiding a bidding war the team couldn’t win. The downside to letting Pettite go is the fact hat Roger Clemens may follow him.

Where Roger Clemens plays is anybodies guess, but he’ll likely only play a few games anyway. However, last baseball gambling year, in his limited appearances the 87-year old Clemens was still one of the most dominating pitchers in the baseball gambling game. This guy is like a robot and could probably pitch from a wheelchair if he still wants to pitch in his twilight years. However, the big problem last for Clemens and many Astros pitchers was run support, and they just weren’t getting nay of it.

The baseball gambling team made some off season moves to try and shore up the starting rotation with these departures and brought in Rockies’ ace Jason Jennings. Many people worry about his ability to be a fly ball pitcher in Minute Maid Park, but if you can pitch in Colorado you can pitch anywhere, except for maybe Nepal, but they don’t have a baseball gambling franchise yet so no need to worry.

The Ace of this staff is Roy Oswalt, who may be the best pitcher in the business. He’ll be in the thick of the Cy Young battle in 2007 baseball gambling season and expect him to rack up something around 20 wins or more. The bull pen leaves a bit to be desired and could be a very sore spot for this team in 2007 baseball gambling season if Brad Lidge doesn’t get his game on track.

At the plate this team has some pop and run support should not be a problem this baseball gambling season and this may be enough to entice Clemens back for a few baseball betting games. Lacne Berkman is one of the premier power hitters in the NL and probably only second to Ryan Howard in slugging the ball. But Berkman also brings to the plate a high average and great run production, such as his .315 45 homer and 136 runs batted in last baseball betting year.

This baseball gambling year he’ll have a partner in crime in the form of Carlos Lee who was signed for an exorbitant $100 million over six baseball betting years. With some Carlos Less insurance behind him, expect Berkman’s already stellar numbers to get even better.

Another bright spot to look out for is raising star Luke Scott who got the call up last baseball betting year from Triple-A ball last year and was very impressive in his limited at bats. Look for him to take over the right field spot this baseball gambling year and have a very big baseball gambling season.

Brad Ausmus is a bit long in the tooth but he’s a gold glover and valuable part of the team as well. However, it won’t be all smiles for the Astros in 2007 baseball betting season, Jeff Bagwell; long the face of the franchise is officially retired after injuries cut short a great career. And hall-of-fame lock Greg Biggio will also likely be gone after this baseball gambling season, but not before he collects his 3,000 hit; no one deserves it more.

This team could very easily get back into the playoffs next year. Look for the Astros to win the division with a 90-win season, but ultimately fall short in the first or second round of the baseball gambling playoffs.

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