Baseball Betting on the Arizona Diamondbacks – 2007 season preview

May 27th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Arizona Diamondbacks have their work cut out for them in 2007 baseball betting season. In 2006 MLB betting season the team was unimpressive at best and perhaps quite bad at worst. But this is a new baseball betting season with new faces and it seems that the baseball betting team made some good moves in the off-season to cut dead weight and to improve their weakness from the 76 win and 82 game losses from a baseball betting year ago.

Last MLB betting year, there was very little to cheer, but with a few key free agent signings and trades, this D-Back team is much better than it was a year ago and there is even a preseason buzz about this team going to the baseball betting playoffs and even winning the MLB betting division.

The NL West has been the doormat of the baseball betting league for the past few years, but that may not be the case in 2007 baseball betting season. Several teams have greatly improves, including Arizona Diamondbacks and the West may now edge out the NL Central in terms of talent. The area where the D-Backs improved the most and what should be the team’s calling card this baseball betting season is the pitching staff. Last it wasn’t as though the staff was awful, but in 2007 baseball betting season it should be even better.

Returning to the starting rotation is 2006 Cy Young winner Brandon Webb. Webb’s miniscule ERA and his horde of baseball betting wins made him an easy choice for the award and he should be right back in the thick of the hunt this MLB betting year for the award as well, despite playing in a known hitters’ park.

Backing up Webb this baseball betting year in the rotation is where this Arizona Diamondbacks team rally improved. The D-Backs welcomed back the Big Unit to Arizona where he won a handful of his Cy Young awards not so long ago. It’s a food move for everyone involved.

Johnson had a horrible experience with the Yankees and getting back to the West coast in a nice climate should and small market should do wonders for his arm and his pitching performance. But Randy Johnson isn’t the only new starter. Arizona also brought in Levan Hernandez and traded for Doug Davis from Milwaukee. This should give the D-Backs one of the better rotations in the MLB betting league if Johnson and Hernandez can pitch up to their potential.

A good thing about this baseball betting group of starters is that they can also go deep into games and chew up a lot of innings which should help the plate for untested but talented closer Jose Valverde. This guy brings the heat and the longer the starters can go the better for him and the D-backs mediocre set up men.

But as good as the pitching staff in Arizona Diamondbacks is they’re batting lineup stinks. Stephen Drew the number two hitter has shown some great promise but has yet to play a full baseball betting season. He should do alright and may even become a star but doesn’t have the kind of bat that can shoulder an entire offense. Big things are expected of Conor Jackson and Chad Tracy at the plate this baseball betting year after both were rather disappointing last baseball betting year. However, Tracy was struggling with injuries and should do better if healthy and Jackson looks to be on the verge of putting together some big baseball betting numbers.

The veteran batters were all let go or traded in the off-season and so the future is now for these inexperienced and, so far, not very impressive batsmen. But there’s only one way to learn and that’s on the job training which these guys should get plenty of this baseball betting season. And as good as the D-Backs pitching is, these guys shouldn’t have all that much pressure on them but they’ll still need to produce runs, after all that is the name of the game.

Expect the young bats in the meat of the lineup to really come into their own this baseball betting year and surprise some people. If these guys can put together some above average numbers like 30 homers and 90 RBIs this baseball betting team should do very well. If the pitching staff plays at the level that is expected of it, there is no reason why the D-Backs shouldn’t challenge for the baseball betting division title. Look for the D-Backs to win at least 85 games and finish a close second in the MLB betting division to the LA Dodgers.