Baseball betting on the St. Louis Cardinals 2006 summary

May 28th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The 2006 baseball betting season, Cardinals had a story book year. What more can be said about this club that hasn’t already been said? Not too much, but here goes. This was a team that not a lot of baseball bet fans would have picked to win the World Series. Since even before the regular baseball betting season was finished everyone was already so sure that it would be a subway series in New York that they didn’t even factor the Cards into the discussion.

But the Red Birds had different plans and shocked the world when they hoisted the trophy at the end of the baseball betting season. Being a team that was only one year removed from a World Series defeat at the hands of the Chicago White Sox in 2005 baseball betting season, it shouldn’t have really been that big of a surprise that the Cardinals would win the title in 2006 baseball betting season. But for some reason it was. No many baseball minds thought Cards could even make it out of the NL with the Mets standing in the way and even if that happened there was no way the Cards could get past the Yankees. As, it turns out they didn’t have to. And when the baseball betting World Series came around the Cardinals handled the Detroit Tigers with relative ease.

For the regular baseball betting season this team actually posted the worst baseball bet record of any division winner in the league. And it wasn’t as though the NL Central was all that tough either. So there were really very few indicators that this team had what it took to become world champions just based on regular baseball betting season stats. The Birds didn’t even close the regular baseball betting season that well, going five and five over their last 10 baseball bet games. But a solid home record at 49-31 helped them over come a rotten road record of 34-47.

This team started out pretty hot but had to battle through some adversity early. Star slugger Albert Pujols went down in the first part of the baseball betting season with a serious injury and missed quite a few baseball bet games. It was a shame to see a player of Pujols’ caliber goes down, especially when he had gotten off to such a hot start, and the injury, very well may have cost him the Triple Crown, although it’s hard to imagine him over taking Ryan Howard in the home run column, although it’s possible. Pujols is truly one of the elite players in the league as this near MVP performance from 2006 attests as well as his very impressive 2006 baseball betting stats. He is a career 40 homer .320, 120 RBI type player and still very young. Before it’s all over he could hold every major league baseball bet record there is, although much would depend on health.

With Pujols out the rest of team had to look somewhere else for the big time production it got from its first baseman. Veterans Scott Spezio and Scott Rolen both stepped up, putting big numbers when Pujols was out. Rolen had a great baseball betting year for a player of his age and was instrumental in keeping the Cardinals baseball betting playoff hopes alive. But the batting order got a little thin after these guys. Players like David Eckstein and Yadi Molina are a liability at the plat and contributed very little in the regular baseball betting season with their bats. Although they did have some key at bats in the baseball betting playoffs. Adam Kennedy doesn’t really do much with his bat either, but all of these guys were valuable to the cause for other reasons in 2006 baseball betting season.

The pitching was also key to this team and its success last baseball betting season. Staff ace Chris Carpenter had a stellar baseball betting year, just getting edged out for the Cy Young Award by Arizona’s Brandon Webb. His win total was impressive and his ERA was the third best in the majors and the second best in the NL behind Roy Oswalt. Mark Mulder was also invaluable to this club as well. He wasn’t quite the same dominating pitcher he had been in Oakland but getting adjusted to a new team and new league can take some time. Jeff Suppan also strung together some great baseball bet numbers and was especially invaluable during the regular baseball betting season. The same could be said of number four pitcher Jared Weaver who was so-so in the regular season but money in the baseball betting playoffs.


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