Baseball Gambling on the New York Mets 2006 summary

Long the ugly step sister to New York’s other, more glamorous team; the Mets have finally spent the requisite wad of cash and bought a baseball gambling team that can compete with the Yankees

The 2006 baseball gambling season was one the best seasons in memory for the New York Mets, yet a surprising and disappointing exit from the baseball gambling League Championship Series to the St. Louis Cardinals sent the Mets home empty handed yet again.

Last baseball gambling year this teamed looked like the team to beat in the NL and Gotham had its heart set on a subway series in New York. But it didn’t quite pan out like that so expect the Mets to be extra hungry in 2007 baseball gambling season trying to claim what they feel should have been there’s last year, the baseball gambling World Series trophy.

Baseball odds experts know that on paper, at least during the regular baseball gambling season the Mets put up huge numbers. They finished tied for the best MLB betting record in all of baseball gambling and blew away the rest of the weak NL East. New York clinched the MLB betting division in about June, it seemed like and ended up pulling away and winning the division by 12 games when it was all said and done, the largest margin of victory in the Majors. Its 97-65 MLB betting record was easily the best baseball odds record in the majors and this club was the only NL team to break 90 wins, which might be saying more about the parity of the NL than the strength of the Mets. At home or away it didn’t seem to make much difference, the Mets clobbered the competition going 50-31 at home and an impressive 47-34 on the road for a combine winning percentage of .599.

In this star-studded and hugely expensive line up the only weakness last baseball gambling year was injuries. And there’s not all that much that you can do about that except higher younger pitchers. Baseball odds show us that the starting rotation was never really fully healthy the entire baseball gambling year and pitching is what cost this team a deeper run in the playoffs. Clearly they were the better team than the Cardinals, but in baseball gambling playoff series pitching is critical and a team can get by on two great pitching arms which the Cardinals had and the Mets did not. The anchor of this staff and multiple Cy Young award winner, Pedro Martinez, was brought on board several baseball gambling years ago to the team’s Yankee killer and the their playoff dynamo. But injuries have plagued his career since his move from Boston and it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be healthy again. Last baseball gambling year he pitched only a handful of games. He looked good, but was streaky, explosive at times but pedestrian at others. But that’s to be expected for someone that doesn’t get regular innings and is unable to settle into a rhythm. The Mets are banking on him being healthy and having a big baseball gambling season this year even though he’ll start on the DL once again.

Old man Tom Glavine pitched well last year. In 2006 baseball gambling season he got off to a scorching start but was unable to sustain it with 75-year old arm. The fact that he was the ace of this staff is really a good indication of the team’s pitching woes. Surprisingly, the team did little to address this position after the 2006 baseball gambling season, but with so much money wrapped up in two aging players like Glavine and Martinez, a trade in mid-season 2007 seems more likely if either fails to perform up to standards. Baseball odds says that Glavine will go for his 300th win in 2007 baseball gambling season and that might help boost the staff’s performance.

In the field and at the plate there is hardly a lineup anywhere and definitely not in the NL that can compete with what the Mets have. Leading off the batting order, superstar in the making short stop Jose Reyes is a phenomenal talent and had a superb 2006 baseball gambling season. Baseball odds fans know that he nearly became the only other player other than Willie Mays to have 20 homers, doubles, triples and stolen bases in the same baseball gambling season. When you add the power of Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran and David Wright to the mix, this lineup is a pitcher’s worst nightmare. The Mets put up a lot of runs in 2006 baseball gambling season and will do the same in 2007 baseball gambling season. However, if they don’t get a little more support from the pitching staff this team could once again fall short of the their World Series goal in 2007 baseball odds season.