Baseball Gambling on Detroit Tigers 2006 Summary

May 28th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

What more can be said about the Detroit Tigers improbable run to the baseball gambling World Series that hasn’t already been said? Not much. The Tigers strung together a fantastic bit of baseball and surprised even themselves in knocking off he imposing New York Yankees and sweeping the A’s a humiliating fashion in the baseball gambling American League Championship Series; and for a town like Detroit it was magic.

In perhaps the most economically depressed urban center in the entire country, the people of Detroit don’t have a lot to cheer about. For the Detroit Tigers to put together that kind of baseball gambling season was something very special that doesn’t happen all that often in the world of sports and baseball betting. It’s usually the rich and glamorous baseball betting teams that outspend everyone else or can lure free agents with sunny weather and a club scene that take home the trophies. But not last baseball gambling year. Last baseball gambling year the Tigers scored a victory for blue collar workers everywhere. And the good news is, they could be even better this baseball gambling year.

Anyone that watched that 2006 baseball gambling team could tell you in heartbeat that the catalyst for that baseball betting team was definitely the young pitching staff. And what performance they put on. A typical Detroit Tigers game last baseball gambling season consisted of a few scrappy blue-collar hitters manufacturing a run or two early in the game and then the Tiger starter going deep into the baseball betting game, holding the lead for the closer who had save practically gift wrapped thanks to Detroit Tigers strong starting rotation. And the star of that rotation was the kid, Justin Verlander. A young man with a fireball he turned heads with his 17 baseball betting wins a slew of strike outs. He also kept his ERA down and if he can avoid the sophomore slump and if the batters haven’t figured out his motion yet, he should be able to push for twenty wins in 2007 baseball gambling season.

And then, from the young to old. And extreme contrast to the laser throwing Verlander, Kenny Rodgers is a grizzled veteran that regained his stuff last baseball gambling year after more than a few down years. His velocity was up, no question, but Rogers has matured as pitcher over the last few baseball gambling years and simply outsmarted batters on many occasions. A reject picked up in the 2005 off-season, a player that no one else wanted, Rogers looked like a steal at the end of his 17 win baseball gambling season.

The rest of the pitching staff is nothing to sniff at either. Bonderman is one of the best three spot pitchers in the baseball betting league, and the team has a couple of gifted lefties in Nate Robertson, who could have monster year this baseball gambling season, and Mike Maroth who can also put up big numbers if they can stay healthy. There is also word from Tiger camp that the young stud and first round pick Andrew Miller could see some innings this baseball gambling year as well if one of the rotation pitchers goes lame.

In the field and at the plate the defending American League champs also have a few weapons that can do some damage. The trade acquisition for Gary Sheffield was a huge coup for a baseball betting team that was looking to add to the same great group that got to the World Series last baseball gambling year. Sheffield could be the piece that puts them over the top. He’s older now and a bit more fragile than he usually is, but if they play him at DH they should avoid some of the injuries and his hitting numbers should go up as well. All this guy does is hit, and he should make an immediate and powerful impact on the offense.

Magglio Ordonez had one of the best baseball gambling seasons of any outfielder in the division and will look to continue where he left. His outfield mate Monroe was a bit of a pleasant surprise last baseball gambling year putting up a quite 28 homers and 92 RBIs although his .255 batting average stunk. Infield there are also some great players like MVP-caliber shortstop Carlos Guillen playing in a contract baseball gambling year for extra motivation as well as future hall of famer Pudge Rodriguez. And don’t forget about Todd Jones coming out of the bullpen, who make batters cry with his heat. Anyway you look at it this should be a very fun team to watch in 2007 baseball gambling season.


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