Baltimore Orioles 2006 Baseball Betting Summary

Even with big names, this baseball betting team has no positive results during this MLB betting season.

When people think of the Baltimore Orioles they think of Cal Ripken Jr and Brooks Robinson. They don’t think of Kevin Millar and Tony Batista but that is the current face of this MLB betting franchise; and not a particularly good face at that

Granted this team plays in shark tank with the likes of the huge spending Boston Red Sox and New York and the very talented MLB betting team from up north, the Blue Jays, but still it would be nice to see some signs of life out of this moribund baseball betting franchise once in a while.

The 2006 baseball betting season was no different than the 1996 MLB betting team or the 2002 team or the 2005 MLB betting team. They all finish in the bottom half of the division and the Orioles never come within sniffing distant distance of the title. And with teams like the aforementioned locked into the top spots it will take a Herculean effort if they are ever to get into the baseball betting playoffs.

Finishing with a baseball betting record of 70-92 is hardly anything to get excited about, but looking on the bright side it was still good enough to make the Devil Rays, the worst baseball betting team in baseball, look shameful. The Birds had a winning percentage of .432 which is anemic but they also play in the toughest division in the majors. And the sad part was that this group couldn’t even win at home in cozy Camden Yards. At home the team rung up a MLB betting 40-41 record and on the road they finished with a baseball betting 30-51 record. Harldy the stuff that playoff teams are made of, but they can only go up from here.

Last baseball betting season what ailed this team was a very weak outfield and no middle relief coming out of the bull pen. The starting rotation is not at all that bad, but jumping that abyss from the starter to the closer is the trick. Getting five good innings out the starters wasn’t really a problem but getting solid set up for the closer was. In fact, the middle relief was so bad in 2006 baseball betting season that the management basically cleaned house and brought in four completely new set up to try and cure the ailment. The closer, Chris Ray had plenty of good stuff last baseball betting year but often sent into terrible situations and unwinnable spots night after night.

The starting rotation last baseball betting year was very young but very good. Erik Bedard and Daniel Cabrera are the meat of the rotation and two young guys that should have bright futures. The Orioles made a high profile trade for Kris Benson right before the baseball betting season began and it turned awful for everyone involved. A messy divorce ensued involving his pinup and talkative wife. The tabloids were all over it and the negative press certainly didn’t help out Benson or the Orioles. He was spared the shame of pitching awful for a whole baseball betting season when injuries took him out of the line up.

In the field this team has some big names but that didn’t translate into baseball betting wins. The biggest of these names is the free agent prize the Birds plucked from Oakland, Miguel Tejada. He is a short stop extraordinaire and the diamond on this team of pearls. Although, in 2006 baseball betting season many critics thought his glove was off and his bat speed wasn’t quite right. But he still has the big time power and it seems that those complaints were simply nit-picking. Millar put up a very solid baseball betting year for the Orioles even if his glove work can be suspect at times. But his bat is solid and he’s a good character guy that helped establish an identity for this 2006 baseball betting season squad early on. The rest of the infield is unremarkable except for Brian Roberts who plays a mean second base but has trouble getting on base when he’s up to bat.

The outfield had basically an unforgettable baseball betting year and that’s no doubt why the team moved to beef up this part of the team in the off-season with free agents. Jay Payton had an average baseball betting year and Corey Patterson racked up the steals. But these guys will definitely have to pump up the production if this team wants to challenge for a baseball betting playoff spot, but as long as we’re dreaming, why not try for division crown?