Baseball Betting on Diamondbacks 2006 summary

October 9th, 2017 MLB Baseball

It seems like only yesterday that the Diamondbacks were basking in the glory of their baseball betting World Series championship

They captured the baseball betting title quicker than any other expansion MLB betting team had ever done. But that’s water under the bridge and so much has happened now. For one, the team got pretty awful.

After a free-agent fire sale a-la the Florida Marlins after they won their first baseball betting title, the MLB betting team was dismantled piece by piece. The once feared pitching staff was left in ruins and the batting line up didn’t do much but record outs. In 2006 baseball betting season it was the same song different verse. The D-Backs hung around for a bit but them settled into their reserved spot in the basement of the AL West and ended the baseball betting season in that spot.

Posting a 76-86 record is never a good thing and you can’t imagine that there are too many happy people in the Arizona MLB betting franchise right now or at least pleased with how the 2006 baseball betting season ended. The shameful thing is that they closed on a low note as well losing two in a row and losing the six out of ten baseball betting games that they played. Arizona’s baseball betting record was the worst in a pretty weak AL West and tied with the Colorado Rockies for last place. But what do you expect when you only win 46 percent of your baseball betting games. On the road or at home the team was basically equally adept, or inept, going 39-42 at home and going 37-44 on the road.

So here does the blame for the sub-par MLB betting season lie? It certainly didn’t lie with ace Brandon Webb who turned out to be a real gem for this team in 2006 baseball betting season. He is one pitch wonder but Webb gets the job done. He not only earned a spot on the all-star roster but he also pitched a streak of 30 scoreless innings and top cap it all off brought home the Cy Young to Arizona where it had previously been received by the Big Unit Randy Johnson on multiple occasions. His ERA was the fourth best in the majors and he basically carried this staff on his back.

Helping out Webb in the rotation was Livan Hernandez. An erratic pitcher throughout his baseball betting career who has had great success with multiple MLB betting teams, this Cuban exile, was added part way though the baseball betting season from the Washington Nationals. He suffered a little bit with a bad knee, but once he settled into the Arizona rotation, he was a solid pitcher. The rest of the starting pitching was not all that impressive and neither was the bull pen. Number one closer Jose Valverde has a very commanding fast ball but suffers from a crippling case of inconsistency which hurt the team last baseball betting season. He’s also been quite fragile in the past, but he was pretty durable in 2006 baseball betting season and that might be a good omen for the 2007 baseball betting season. The set up men were decent and mostly solid or young guys not living up to their potential.

At the position spots the stars of the MLB betting team were in the outfield. Living D-Back legend Louis Gonzales had a very decent go of things in his contract year and the team sent him packing, or least allowed him go to LA for money in free agency. Which probably wasn’t bad move considering he’s getting long in the tooth and his production is slipping a bit. SS Stephen Drew also showed some pop in his bat and some good skills with the glove after being recalled part way through the baseball betting season. He could be star for some time for this team if he stays healthy and keeps developing.

The lowlights of the baseball betting season were many but the disappointing baseball betting season of Chad Tracy at third base. After a very promising second half to the 2005 baseball betting season, Tracy most certainly did not pick up where he left off. Although much of that, likely had to do with a sore knee which probably hindered his prodigious power at the plate. Eric Byrnes also had a disappointing baseball betting season by most counts, in fact a rotten MLB betting season at the plate and in the field, but you’ve also got to take into account that he was moved from two different positions last baseball betting season and if he gets a chance to settle in this year he should be much improved.

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