10 Early 2017 Baseball Betting Tips to Improve Earnings

August 8th, 2019 MLB Baseball

The 2017 Major League Baseball – and with it baseball betting – will open on April 2nd. Here are a few tips for fans who like to bet on MLB at SBG Global online sportsbook.

  1. K.I.S.S. The first bets of the season should be a primer to gauge the how each team approaches the new campaign. Therefore simple, straight bets should be the order of the day as opposed to parlay bets in which all wagers must win in order to get some ROI.
  2. Betting bankroll management. There is a rule of thumb when it comes to managing one’s betting bankroll, and that is to put aside a weekly or monthly sum of money with which to wager, and then bet no more than 5% of that sum on each pick.
  3. Developing a personal system. Everybody has a system and everybody’s system works for them, but using someone else’s system is like trying to pull Excalibur from the rock if you’re not Arthur Pendragon – it’s not going to work. One is more likely to learn what not to do from others than what to do oneself. People who bet on MLB are better off coming up with their own wagering style. Preferably a style that relies on facts and not emotions; i.e., no betting on one’s hometown team just because it’s one’s hometown team.
  4. Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the underdogs of war. There is no point spread in baseball so identifying valuable underdogs can increase one’s bankroll. Similarly, baseball betting totals tend to have lower limits than sides.
  5. Doing one’s homework. Become a student of the game like Brad Pitt in Moneyball – or, to a lesser extent, like Jonah Hill. Get your stats, stat! Read everything that has to do with baseball – well maybe not ‘The Natural’; it would be like reading ‘The Lottery’ hints on winning the lottery. Join baseball forums online. And most of all, watch as many games as you can.
  6. Ballparking it. Many pitchers have most and least favorite baseball parks and their performance shows their likes and dislikes. Check each pitcher’s career starts at a given ballpark when they’re playing on the road.
  7. Vs. record. Similarly, some pitchers have got certain teams’ number, and vice versa. So take a look at a particular pitcher’s record against specific teams.
  8. That’s no bullpen. A fresh starting rotation and a deep bullpen will always beat a tired rotation and a depleted bullpen.
  9. Morose delectation. Not to promote Schadenfreude, but an injury to a key player can seriously impact a team’s odds, so keep an updated injury report close at hand.
  10. The weather girl’s eyes are up here. Do you know whether the weather can affect the outcome of a game? Of course it can, so pay attention to the weather report, in particular for wind.

Hopefully these baseball betting tips will be of help to fans who are gearing to bet on MLB during the upcoming 2017 season, which will be the 117th of Major League Baseball in the modern era.

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