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September 28th, 2017 Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby odds systems for picking winners have been around for decades.

Some of these systems work well in Kentucky Derby betting but nothing works all the time. Let’s look at some of the more popular ones for picking Kentucky Derby odds.

Kentucky Derby odds have you handicapping the chances of as many as 20 horses. That is a lot of work to do in Kentucky Derby betting. A good system for picking winners in Kentucky Derby odds will be one that takes a lot of factors into consideration. You will have some that look at speed, pace, distance, workouts, etc. Keep in mind though that no system is perfect in picking winners vs. Kentucky Derby odds.

One of the favorite ways to normally pick winners in horse racing is to simply take the favorite. This system is also the way to bet Kentucky Derby odds but usually the favorite doesn’t win. In 2008 it was Big Brown breaking that trend though and the past few years, favorites have held their own in Kentucky Derby odds. There is nothing simpler in Kentucky Derby betting than picking the favorite and simply going with the public’s choice.

Another system that has gained attention, although it has not had much success, is the Dosage Index. This is where you look at how far a horse can run based on breeding. It used to work pretty well but in recent years it has not been very helpful. Low numbers are the best when looking at the Dosage Index.

Another system will look at trainers in Kentucky Derby odds while another looks at jockeys. Neither of these systems does much for you in Kentucky Derby odds. The Dual Qualifier system has been popular as well in Kentucky Derby betting but like the Dosage Index, it has lost more than it has won recently.

Systems try and pick winners vs. Kentucky Derby odds. None of them are that great but they can be useful. What they can do is eliminate horses for you to consider and that is helpful. You have to narrow down the contenders in Kentucky Derby odds when you have a 20 horse field.

You may want to consider some systems as you bet the Kentucky Derby this year. None of them are perfect but they can be useful in narrowing the contenders down to a manageable few.

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