Speed Influences Kentucky Derby Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are oftentimes made based on the speed figures you see in the Daily Racing Form.Remember that the Kentucky Derby maker is handicapping the race just like you are and he takes speed figures into account. Let’s look at speed figures and how much they matter in Kentucky Derby betting.

Kentuky Derby odds lately have seen full fields of 20 horses. This makes for exciting racing but tough handicapping. Looking at speed figures can definitely help you as you handicap Derby odds. As you consider the speed figures you will noticed that almost all of the previous Kentucky Derby betting winners have had at least one race in their history where they got a Beyer of 100 or more. Only two horses recently bucked that Kentucky Derby betting trend as Giacaomo and Sea Hero won. Most of the winning horses in Kentucky Derby odds have had more than one 100 in their past races. Once in a while you will see upsets happen with huge longshots but usually you can find a big race in the past for Derby betting winning horses. Speed figures are easy enough to find as you look at past performances in the Daily Racing Form.

What does speed mean in Kentucky Derby odds? It means a lot. If a horse has not run at least a 100 in the past then throw him out. Yes, exceptions do happen, but not very often. With a 20 horse field of Kentucky Derby odds you must start eliminating horses and this is a good way to narrow the bunch a little bit. If you don’t have a horse that has proven he can run a great race why would you want to bet him in Kentucky Derby odds? This is the biggest race a horse will ever run and you want a horse that has proven he can run a great race.

It has been said that the fastest horse wins in Derby odds. Sometimes just looking at the speed figures is enough as you analyze the Kentucky Derby odds. Sometimes it is not as other factors like class, pace, traffic and distance can be important. Handicapping the Kentucky Derby is a real challenge and you need to use all the information as your disposal but the bottom line is that speed really matters in Kentucky Derby odds.

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