Online Kentucky Derby Betting Dual Qualifiers at SBG Global

Online Kentucky Derby betting is popular with gamblers around the world. Many of these gamblers look at the horses in Kentucky Derby odds based upon the “dual qualifying” system. Let’s take a look at what that means and how it can help us pick winners in  Kentucky Derby betting.

Kentucky Derby betting handicappers that use the dual qualifying system are basing their selections on two factors. The Experimental Free Handicap is a weight-based assessment of the previous year’s leading two-year-olds. For example, this year’s top weight assignment went to War Pass. The committee weighted a total of 105 males and 99 fillies. Some handicappers in Kentucky Derby odds use the Experimental rankings in combination with the dosage index to come up with the “dual qualifier” system. This is where horses ranked within 10 pounds of the male top weight or who are a champion in another country and have a dosage Index of less than 4.0 are the dual qualifiers and leading contenders in Kentucky Derby betting. Remember that the lower the number in the dosage index the more likely the horse can run a distance and win for you in online Kentucky Derby betting. This dual qualifier system has been popular in recent years in online Kentucky Derby betting.

Although dual qualifiers are interesting to consider they don’t guarantee a win in Kentucky Derby betting. Let’s take a look at the top dual qualifiers in 2008 Kentucky Derby odds and ones likely to win in  Kentucky Derby betting. We previous mentioned War Pass as a having received the top weight but he is not a dual qualifier and not a likely winner in online Kentucky Derby betting because his dosage number is over 4.00. The Dual qualifiers in 2008 Kentucky Derby odds are Pyro, Court Vision, Dixie Chatter, Into Mischief, Wicked Style, Kodiak Cowboy, Tale of Ekati, Majestic Warrior, Colonel John and Georgie Boy. The fillies that have the dual qualifier but probably won’t be a part of  Kentucky Derby betting odds are Indian Blessing and Country Star. Of the dual qualifiers the top contenders in  Kentucky Derby betting look to be Pyro and Colonel John.


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