Kentucky Derby Wagering Trends at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby wagering trends are important to consider when you look to bet the Kentucky Derby. There are a number of trends that you can consider in online Kentucky Derby betting but there are three that have proven to be of critical importance in Kentucky Derby .

Kentucky Derby is always more successful if you pay attention to history. Kentucky Derby trends tell us that horses just don’t win without a prep race in April. The most popular prep races and the ones in which the most winners come from are the Wood Memorial, the Blue Grass Stakes, the Santa Anita Derby and the Arkansas Derby. Horses have to be ready to win the Kentucky Derby and if they didn’t race in April it is unlikely they will be Kentucky Derby wagering winners. It has just been too tough for a horse to win the Kentucky Derby if they are coming off a layoff of any sort. Running a prep race in April is the first major Kentucky Derby wagering trend to remember.

Another Kentucky Derby trend that has held up through time is that unraced two-year-olds just don’t win the Derby. Very few horses start out racing as three-year-olds and then win in Kentucky Derby wagering. Experience matters in horse racing, even for young horses. A Kentucky Derby wagering trend that goes right along with this is the one that states horses don’t win without at least three races as three-year-olds before the Derby. It is happening more often that horses don’t run as many races but history has shown that experience does matter in Kentucky Derby wagering. Experience as a two-year-old and as a three year old are two more trends to consider in online Kentucky Derby betting.

What people sometimes forget about Kentucky Derby online betting is that the Derby is not just another race. The field is huge, the traffic terrible and the distance greater than most horses are used to. The trip a horse gets oftentimes determines their chances in Kentucky Derby. Most horses just aren’t seasons enough to run 10 furlongs this early in their careers. This all means that you can’t handicap the Derby like you would other horse races and expect to win in online Kentucky Derby betting.