Kentucky Derby Odds & Pace at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby odds are not usually affected by pace figures but the ultimate winner of the Kentucky Derby usually has excellent numbers. How do you look at pace when examining the Kentucky Derby wagers ? How important is it in Kentucky Derby wagering?

Kentucky Derby lines will show 20 horses in the field but only a handful have a realistic chance to win the Derby. By examining speed and pace figures you can oftentimes eliminate the pretenders and narrow the Kentucky Derby lines contenders down to a select few. Making it more difficult in terms of handicapping pace in Kentucky Derby odds is the synthetic tracks in California and Kentucky. How a horse handles the switch from the synthetic track to the dirt is a question that really can’t be answered until after the race. This makes a horse like Pyro a total unknown in terms of Kentucky Derby wagering. What has made the pace even more unknown for the 2008 Kentucky Derby is the absence of War Pass, who would have been the serious speed in the race. That honor could now go to Kentucky Derby lines favorite, Big Brown. It is rare that a horse goes wire to wire to win in Kentucky Derby odds but it could happen this year with Big Brown. With War Pass out of the picture there does not look to be a horse that can challenge Big Brown for the early lead and he may be long gone as the Kentucky Derby wagering favorite. The question will be whether or not Bob Black Jack will show early speed and put pressure on Big Brown. If he doesn’t, the Kentucky Derby could turn into a romp for Kentucky Derby lines favorite Big Brown.

Based on pace numbers the 2008 Kentucky Derby wagering field should be led by either Big Brown or Bob Black Jack, depending upon which jockey wants the lead. Tale of Ekati, Cool Coal Man, Gayego, Recapturetheglory and Big Truck should be following the top two. Colonel John will try and come from the back as the second choice in Kentucky Derby odds betting but may have too much to overcome if Big Brown is not pushed. Pyro is the wild card in Kentucky Derby odds. He ran horribly in the Blue Grass but a bounce back in the Derby puts him into the picture. The rest of the horses have really not shown any indication that they can compete in Kentucky Derby odds with the top three choices.