Getting Ready for Kentucky Derby Wagering at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby wagering gives you a lot of options for the biggest race of the horse racing season. If you want to have the best chance of winning money versus the Kentucky Derby odds you must be prepared.  Let’s look at a few things that can help you pick winners in the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky wagering should be all about having fun and trying to hit a big ticket.  If you are looking at Kentucky wagering odds in a serious attempt to make money then you might want to reconsider.  Predicting how 20 young horses will do in a race is not an easy task as history has shown.  Even though the last two favorites have won in Kentucky Derby wagering, less than 20% of them normally come through.  That means you might want to look at some longshots as you wager on Kentucky odds this year.

Another thing to look at with your Kentucky  wagering is past history.  We mentioned the tendency of favorites to flop in the Derby until recently.  You may want to look at some Kentucky Derby wagering trends and facts before making your wagers.

You also want to really narrow down the field to the top contenders and realistic longshots in Kentucky Derby wagering.  You can’t just expect to look at all 20 horses without throwing out the non-contenders.  You should get a grip on a few favorites and then a few horses that have a realistic chance at springing the upset in Kentucky odds.

As you get ready for Kentucky Derby wagering you really need to decide your bankroll.  How much are you going to bet on Kentucky Derby odds? Do you have it allocated so you can play a horse to win in addition to the exotic wagers like the exacta, trifecta and even the superfecta?  You will need to plan exactly what wagers you are going to make so you have your bankroll allocated properly in Kentucky Derby wagering.

Normally in a horse race you will have one or two horses that look like they are going to be your best chances to win the race.  That might not be the case in Kentucky  wagering, so don’t tie yourself down to only one wager.  Spread it around a little bit and give yourself a chance to hit a big ticket in Kentucky  wagering.

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