Analyzing 2009 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds at SBG Global

Kentucky Derby betting odds are without a doubt the most overanalyzed horse betting odds of the year. Everyone wants to try and pick a winner in Kentucky Derby odds. Let’s look at some of the factors people consider when analyzing Kentucky Derby betting odds.

Kentucky Derby betting odds give you a lot of choices and it is easy to get overwhelmed if you are not careful. With 20 horses in the race and millions of dollars wagered on the race, there is a lot to consider. Some of the more popular factors that gamblers analyze when looking at Kentucky Derby betting odds include Beyer numbers, jockeys, trainers, workouts and post positions. Some of these factors are more important than others when looking at Derby odds and trying to pick a winner.

What has to be remembered about Derby betting odds is that the payoffs and the pools are much larger than normal. The public is heavily wagering on Derby betting odds and that means big payoffs are possible, especially when the public is wrong. The media and the public are going to select one or two horses they believe will win the race in Kentucky Derby betting odds. If those two horses don’t finish in the money then boxcar payoffs are possible in Kentucky Derby odds. The public always likes to bet favorites in any sport and that is the case in the Kentucky Derby too.

Keep in mind that the public is going to wager on Derby betting odds on things like their favorite horse’s name, color, lucky numbers, etc. This increases the size of the betting pools and leads to Kentucky Derby betting odds that may not be accurate. History has shown that any horse can win the Kentucky Derby and the public is often wrong when making their selections.

If you want to win big money versus Derby betting odds then you will need to take some shots with exotic wagers. You will have to wager on things like the trifecta or superfecta if you really want to hit the big ticket. And it can be done in Derby betting odds.

Take a look at Kentucky Derby odds for this year’s race and put together some tickets that give you the chance not only to pick the winner of the race but hit a big score as well.

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