Track Conditions and Horse Racing Bet

November 30, 2010 Horseracing

Horse racing bet wagers are often made with no thought given to the track condition.

Horse betting can definitely be influenced by the condition of the track and whether or not the race is on grass or turf. Let’s consider track conditions as they apply to making a horse racing bet.

Horse racing bet wagers are made on three basic types of tracks. There is the dirt, the grass (turf) and synthetic based surfaces. The condition and the differences between these track conditions are important to consider in horse betting. You must remember that horses very often will prefer one surface over another and you need to take that into consideration when making a horse racing bet. One horse might like a dry surface while another horse does very well on a wet surface. Some horses might like the dirt while others prefer the turf. Before you make a horse racing bet you can look at the past performances of each horse and gain some insight into track conditions.

Looking at horse betting and focusing on track conditions can really get you some nice prices. You can oftentimes find horses that are suited to a particular track condition that go off at big odds when you make a horse racing bet. Most of the time how a horse performs in different conditions is ignored by bettors making a horse racing bet. This is good news for you in horse betting.

The types of conditions you will see with dirt tracks when making a horse racing bet are fast, wet-fast, good, muddy, sloppy, frozen, slow and heavy. When you make a horse racing bet on turf races you will see conditions like firm, good, soft, yielding and heavy.

Keep in mind that when you see track conditions listed in past performances when making a horse racing bet that t hey are not always listed the same. Different tracks have different standards for their conditions and you will also see that tracks in Europe and in the United States have different ratings when you make a horse racing bet.

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