Sports Betting Horse Racing Favorites

Sports betting horse racing favorites win about a third of the time at racetracks around the world. Gamblers love to bet favorites in all sports and that includes betting horse racing. Can you bet the favorite in betting horse racing and make money? betting horse racing results will show that favorites don’t pay enough overall to make gamblers money in the long term.  That does not mean betting horse racing favorites can’t work sometimes.  You should know that starting by looking at the betting racing favorite is not a bad place to begin.  Many people that look at betting horse racing almost always throw the favorite out because they are looking for a price.  That is not smart wagering strategy though.  We know that betting horse racing favorites win about a third of the time. What we need to do is not bet the false favorites to improve our chances of making money.

One area that can increase your winning at  betting horse racing is looking only at favorites in certain races.  Did you know that if you look at odds-on favorites when betting horse racing you can almost make money?  If you narrow it down further and take odds-on favorites only in major stakes races and featured races you can actually make money.  That is a major statement considering we know that blindly betting all sports betting horse racing loses money.  Narrowing things down in all gambling endeavors is usually a way to make money and that applies to betting horse racing as well.  Successful handicappers in horse racing will not have a prejudice toward or against favorites.  You must remember when betting favorites not to bet on favorites that look suspect.  If you bet favorites then you need them to win more often than not, especially if you are betting them at low odds.

Don’t automatically bet the favorite or throw the favorite out in horse racing.  Be a little bit selective and you may find some excellent sports betting horse racing winners.


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