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November 30, 2010 Horseracing

Online horse betting is great excitement but you should know a little bit about what you are getting into.

Since you will be betting on horses you should have an idea of what horse betting strategy you want to use. Online horse betting is pretty easy to understand.

A great way to learn about horse betting is to look at The Daily Racing Form. The statistics in there show which horse is by far the most wanted one and also the reasons for that horse to win.  Another great way to learn about online horse betting is to make a trip to a racetrack.  This may not make sense when talking about online horse betting but it does. You can oftentimes learn a lot by watching what goes on before, during and after the horse races.  Then the next time you are betting with your online racebook you can know what to do.

If you have ever looked at horses in the paddock or in the post parade you may notice certain things. If the horse is sweating, limping, or seems to be non-attentive then that horse is not a good bet in online horse betting.  Another thing to remember in online horse betting is that horses are usually thought of in two main ways.  You have front running speed horses and you have closers. The front runners are in the front stage throughout the race. The closers are back early but close with a strong kick late.  You can take these factors into consideration in online horse betting.

You should know in online horse betting that it is different than sports betting or casino games.  You are betting against the other horse betting players, not the house.  The track does not care which horse wins. Online horse betting is great fun and it can be very exciting.  You may have a chance to win in the long term but only if you hit the big tickets in horse betting.  That means pick threes, pick fours, and pick sixes.  That is the only way online horse betting can be profitable in the long haul.

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