Multi-Race Horse Race Betting

Horse race betting multi-race wagers can be some of the most exciting in all of horse betting. Multi-race bets are the Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6. These horse betting wagers are the ones that will pay the most in betting and give gamblers the chance to hit the big tickets.Horse betting multi-race wagers will often have extra money attached to them in horse betting. This happens in pick six wagering when the wager was not hit the previous day. This makes playing a pick six in horse race betting an attractive wager for many gamblers. Instead of having to overcome the track edge, which is big, the carryover actually provides value in horse race betting.

Let’s consider some strategies for betting these multi-race wagers. The first thing to decide is how much money you can allocate to these wagers in horse race betting. Pick four and pick six wagers are usually not cheap if you want to have any chance of hitting them so you need a good horse betting bankroll. Pick three’s are less expensive but if you are playing many of them you will still need a bankroll. The best way to play a pick three, pick four or pick six and hope to get a big payoff is to key a couple of horses in a few races and then go “all” in at least one other race and hopefully two others in horse race betting. You can see how expensive that can get in pick six wagering in horse race betting but that is how big tickets are hit. For example, if you are trying to hit the pick six and include the all in two races that means you already are at $64 if you have two fields of eight horses. Then it would require you pick four singles to make it a $1 pick four ticket that costs $64. 1x1x1x8x8. $1 pick four tickets can be done on a similar basis in horse betting. The previous example would be 1x1x8x8 for $64.

Remember when betting multi-race exotics in horse betting that the best time to play them is on big race days when a lot of money is in the pools or on carryover days. Your goal is to hit the big ticket in horse betting.