Kentucky Derby Betting: Picking Early Favorites

November 8th, 2019 Horseracing, Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby betting fans are scouting prospects, and for the 2016 edition the two horses that are being considered by experts as favorites are Nyquist and Mohaymen. The official odds have not yet been posted, but judging from recent performances and history, these 3-year-old colts are will be meet at the track as the absolute favorites. Nyquist, with its recent success might be edging it out as the top horse to beat, but Mohaymen will be a tough competitor. We might have a dramatic race in our hands come the first Saturday of May.

Horse betting publications for a good part of the previous months had been raving about how Mohaymen (8-1) was the prime prospect to have a banner year in 2016.  And with a poor performance on he Florida Derby, a lot of Kentucky derby betting insiders are murmuring that this might be signaling that this horse is suffering from a considerable decrease of stamina. Trained by Kiaran McLaughlin, this colt is not to be counted out and not considering it to put on a great race would be foolish. Mohaymen will not race against until the Kentucky Derby and there it might be considered to be an outside choice, but considering this horse’s breed, odds makers might put it up high.

Nyquist (3-1) came out of the Florida Derby where the entire horse betting world wanting to see how the duel with Mohaymen would play out as a preview of the upcoming Kentucky Derby.  Nyquist extended its undefeated run for by winning with an impressive 3¼-length race against its closest competitor. Mohaymen came in at fourth. What was interesting to see was how Mohaymen got within range, but was unable to make it down the stretch while Nyquist led the way since the race started. If this is any indication, Nyquist will have a date with destiny at the Churchill Downs racetrack.

Among the prospects that might be coming into the Kentucky derby and could pull an upset is a Japan-based Tapit colt by the name of Lani (25-1). A grandson of Sunday Silence has had a good record  in international races and some members of the media covering Kentucky Derby Betting Odds, have mentioned that this could be the first year that an international horse could win the race. It might be a bit unlikely, but from its performance on the U.A.E. derby those who saw Lani race are seriously considering it to stealing the show.

States’ side, the horse that might be the one snatching the Kentucky Derby from the rest could be Cupid (11-1). A Tapit colt trained by Bob Baffert and jockeyed by Martin Garcia, had a strong showing at the Rebel Stakes, displaying heart and versatility. Cupid will race on the Arkansas Derby in April 16th and depending on its performance there we will now for sure just how good of a chance does it have at Churchill downs.

When we get closer to the Race we will have a clearer picture of the odds and the participants, but for the time being for Kentucky derby betting, these are the horses you should be keeping an eye out for.

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