Horse Racing Wagering Angles

Horse racing wagering angles can be found in nearly every horse racing publication. There are countless angles that can be looked at for horse racing wagering. Let’s take a look at some of the better ones. Horse racing angles start by looking at the favorite.

One of the simplest horse racing angles is to bet the favorite.  The favorite wins about a third of the time in horse racing so taking the favorite is always worth a shot.  Another simple horse racing wagering angle is to bet the horse with the leading trainer.  If a trainer is having a good meet then he is always worth a look with any horse he enters.  The same angle applies to jockeys.  If the leading jockey of the horse racing meet is on a horse then that horse is worth considering.  Another jockey angle that many bettors considering in horse racing is the jockey shift.  That is when a horse gets a new jockey for the race that is better than the one that rode him previously.  The trainer and jockey angles are simple to spot and can point you to winners.

Other horse racing angles involve looking at the past performance of the horse.  Any horse that won his last race easily is always worth a look.  Streaks happen in horse racing just like they do in sports and following a hot horse is never a bad idea.  Another horse racing wagering angle involves how long ago the horse raced or worked out.  A race within a week is often a good sign of a horse ready to win.  A workout the day before the race is another sign that a horse may be ready to win.

Other horse racing angles look at class.  If a horse is moving down in class many bettors will always bet that horse.  A switch in distance is another angle to consider. There are so many horse racing angles. These are just a few that may point you to the winners circle.