Percentages on Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing bets are made all around the world every single day. Gamblers love the excitement of winning a horse racing bet. What many of these players fail to remember is that percentages are a big part of the game in horse racing. Horse bets can be winning ones if you are able to get the proper return on investment. Some people will say that you can’t continually bet favorites as your main horse bets and win.  That is an overall statement that is true if you look at favorites in general. It might not be true if you select the proper ones for a horse racing bets.  What must be remembered about horse racing percentages is that they can be turned around to fit whatever a player is looking for.  Favorites win about a third of the time in horse racing.  That is a known fact.  The problem with just betting all the favorites for horse bets is that overall it is a losing proposition because the track take is too high.  That doesn’t mean you can’t win betting favorites though.  You just have to be more selective than the public that makes horse bets.

Percentages show that some tracks have longshots that continually come in while others do not.  The key in making a horse bet is finding percentages that work for you.  It could be you find an angle on a trainer/jockey combination that works well. It might be you have a talent to read speed figures properly as you make horse bets.  It is all a matter of what you do best in your handicapping. That is what percentages are really all about.  How well do you make your own horse racing bets?  What works best for you as you make a horse bet.  Those are the percentages that really matter in horse racing.  Consider your horse racing bets that fit your handicapping strength.  The next horse bet you make should fit that strength and be one of confidence.


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