Horse Racing Bet Superfectas

Horse racing bet superfectas are the wagers that can pay a lot of money in horse betting. The superfecta horse bet has you picking the exact order of the first four horses in a race. Let’s look at superfecta wagering in horse betting.

Horse bet superfectas can be done in three main ways. You have the straight superfecta horse bet where you pick four horses. For example, you might pick 4-6-9-3. For your superfecta horse racing bet wager to win the horses would have to finish in exactly that order. Since picking the exact four horses in a race is tough many people will use the superfecta box or the superfecta wheel. The superfecta box horse racing bet is where you are putting a number of horses into a box where any of them could finish in the first four positions and you would win. For example, if you boxed those four numbers of 4-6-9-3 in a $1 box it would cost you $24 in a horse racing bet. Then those four horses could finish in any order as long as all of them finished in the top four. Superfecta boxes get very expensive when you start going higher than four or five in a horse racing bet. A five horse superfecta box for $1 would cost $120 in a horse bet. What some bettors are likely to do is use a superfecta wheel or what is called keying a horse. You might pick one horse to win and wheel that horse in the superfecta horse bet. You might wheel that 4 with the 6-9-3 in a horse racing bet. This would cost you only $6 on a $1 ticket and would win if the 4 finished first and either the 6-9-3 finished 2nd, third and fourth.

Superfectas can pay a lot of money in horse betting because they are so difficult to hit. Many tracks have lowered the minimum bet on these wagers to ten cents or 20 cents which makes playing superfecta boxes and superfecta wheels a lot more cost effective in horse betting.


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