Horse Betting UK Tips

Horse betting UK action is always exciting. You get extreme excitement for two minutes and your bet is decided one way or another. Then you get the chance to repeat that excitement over and over again in more horse races.

Horse betting UK action is something that many people don’t know a lot about but it is very easy to understand.  Horse betting UK is the same as horse betting in the United States. You can begin your handicapping by looking at the Racing Form for the Horse betting UK action.  This will be similar to what you see in the Daily Racing Form. These forms are available at online horse betting sites. As you look at the horse race start by looking at the trainer and jockey in horse betting UK action. You can easily pick up on trainer and jockey percentages and that can narrow your focus for the race. You should also look at the past performances of the horses but only from the past few races.  Don’t go back any farther because current form is what is most important in horse betting. You can look at the finishing position and the speed figures of each horse in horse betting UK action. The speed figures are listed in the racing form and are based on how the horse did in his last race.  Many people look at the speed figures of the last three races in horse betting UK action to get a good idea of what should happen today.

You should also look at horses suited for a particular course or a particular surface. Some horses run better on grass than they do on dirt and some horses are suited to dirt.  You also have horses that are much better suited to run at a certain distance in horse betting UK races.  This is a very important part of horse betting handicapping. You also need to look for value in horse betting UK action. You can’t consistently win by picking favorites.  Betting the horses successfully is about finding value and that includes horse betting UK races.


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