Horse Betting Strategy

Horse betting strategies are almost as endless as the amount of horse races you can wager on. Many gamblers have looked at different horse racing strategies trying to find the magical one that makes them money. It is important to remember when considering horse betting strategies that you have to overcome a big house edge in order to make money. Horse betting strategies involve the basic betting options of win, place and show and also include exotic options. If you want to win money at horse racing then you are going to have a hard time doing it by betting win, place and show options. The reason for that is the high track edge. The track edge is well over 20% and that is a tough nut to crack with just win, place or show wagers. If you want to win money at horse betting over the long term you really must bet the exotics. The exotics include the exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and the bigger bets like the pick three, pick four and pick six. With these types of wagers you can sometimes get big payoffs that can overcome the house edge in horse racing.

Since we know that exotics are the way to make money in horse betting let’s consider a strategy for playing them. Let’s start with the pick three. Most tracks will let you play pick three’s all day long. The horse betting strategy that can sometimes work with pick three’s is to box three or four horses in each race of the pick three. This gives us a chance to hit a nice ticket in horse betting if one of the longshots comes in. We could also decide to key a couple of horses in the first two races and then push the “all” button in the third race. This really gives us a chance to get a longshot horse betting price in the “all” race. The same horse betting strategy applies to the pick four and the pick six although it gets very costly to include multiple horses in those tickets. Keying a horse is almost a must in a pick four or pick six horse betting ticket.

The ultimate goal in horse betting is to win money. The best way to do that is to hit a big score. That means using your horse racing bankroll to try for exotic tickets like the pick three, pick four and pick six.


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