Horse Betting Strategies

Horse betting is more than simply putting money on a race favorite and hoping to get lucky.

Veteran horse betting strategists are well aware of these options but if you’ve ever thought of diversifying your horse betting repertoire but never have, here’s a few ways to play the horses that could increase your interest in the sport and your winnings.

If you place a bet to Win, you’re betting on a horse to win the race. In order for the horse to win, they must cross the finish line first. It is one of the more common types of horse betting wagers.

If you are making a horse betting play for Place, the horse you wager on must either finish first or second in order to collect.

A Show bet is a bet that a horse will finish in the top three in the horse betting. This bet pays out if your horse arrives in first, second, or third place.

Across The Board is one of the most popular betting types. It’s not much different than a Show bet, in the fact that you’re betting on a horse to finish either first, second or third.

The Exacta is a bold wager but also a huge horse betting payout. You must correctly select which two horses will finish first and second, in that specific order.

The Exacta Box is a bit of a variation on this bet. You must correctly identify the top two placing horses, but they needn’t be in specific order.

The Quinella is quite similar to the Exacta Box as you must select the top two finishers, but in no specific order –so long as you pick the horses that finish in the top two.

When it comes to horse betting the Trifecta is the proverbial jackpot. The Trifecta is picking the top three finishers in exact order. One of the hardest horse betting types to get right, the payouts can be enormous depending on the horse betting odds.

The Trifecta Box, as you probably guessed is picking the top three horses regardless of order.

And the granddaddy of all horse betting strategies is the Superfecta, the toughest bet on all of horse racing. The Superfecta is picking the top four finishers in order.

If you don’t quite have the onions for it the Superfecta, you can go with the Superfecta Box which is correctly choosing the top four placers in any order.