Betting Horse Racing Pick Three’s

September 5th, 2017 Horseracing

Betting horse racing pick three’s can be a profitable experience in horse betting if you understand a few things.

Betting horse racing to make money is difficult but it can be done if you are willing to play exotics including pick three wagers. Let’s look at strategy for betting horse racing pick three’s.

Betting horse racing pick three strategy begins with understanding a few things. First, the goal when betting pick three’s in horse betting is to make money so using all favorites is not the way to go. If you play all favorites it is unlikely they will all win in horse betting and if they do the pick three won’t pay anything. Let’s look at a pick three strategy that can make you money when betting horse racing.

The best strategy for playing a pick three when betting horse racing is to find a single horse in one of the three legs. It also helps if this single horse is not a huge favorite. Something in the range of 3-1 or so would be much better than an even money choice. Once you find this single when betting horse racing you can look at the other two races. If you want to keep the pick three horse betting wager cost effective you might want to find two or three horses in the next race and then just press the “all” button in the last race of the pick three. This way if your key horse comes in and one of your two or three horses win the second leg you can root for a longshot in the third race when betting horse racing pick three’s. This is one way to have a pick three pay well when betting horse racing. The cost of that ticket might look something like this: 1x3x8. For a $1 pick three that would cost you $24 and you would have a single with three horses with all.

Remember when betting horse racing pick three’s that you need to have a bankroll in place. If you are going to play multiple pick three’s you will need money set aside when betting horse racing pick three wagers.

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