Betting Horse Racing Daily Doubles

Betting horse racing daily doubles can be a very exciting way to start your horse betting day. The daily double is the first multi-race option to consider when betting racing. Let’s look at the daily double when betting racing and some strategies to consider. Betting horses racing daily doubles is really just a two-race parlay. The daily double in horse is almost always offered on the first two races of the day at the track and sometimes on the last two races. If you are betting horse racing on a regular basis then you will need to hit some exotic tickets if you expect to make money. The daily double is one of those horse options. What makes the daily double attractive is that you get a lot of public money in the pool. It is the first multi-race bet option and a lot of people like to play it. If you can find a good daily double and the public is wrong, the payout can be decent as you are betting horse racing. It also helps that the public is oftentimes just throwing something together early in the day just to have action.

The horse betting daily double gives you a variety of options. You can choose a few horses in each race and try and box them together. You can choose one or two horses in one race and all of the horses in the next race. You might also choose to just keep it simple and take just one horse in each race. Here are a few things to remember when betting racing daily doubles. You don’t always have to bet the same number of horses in each race. You might like two horses in one race and four in the other when betting racing. You don’t have to bet two and two or four and four when horse racing. Choose the combinations you like when betting horse racing daily doubles. A very simple way to have a chance to hit a big daily double ticket is to choose anywhere from one to three horses in one race and all of the horses in the next race. That way if a longshot comes in and you hit the first half of the double you can hit a nice ticket when betting horse racing.