Verizon Heritage, full of golf betting history at SBG Global

July 10th, 2024 Golf Betting

Golf betting fans have a full plate of late. With the annual match play event at the historic Doral course just concluded and the Masters underway there is plenty for golf betting odds enthusiasts to be excited about.

But the excitement doesn’t end with Masters as the Verizon Heritage event is just around the corner and should provide plenty of great golf betting.

Golf betting fans often fall into a funk after the Masters but with all the great golf betting events on the calendar there’s absolutely no reason to feel blue. Directly following the Masters, the Verizon Heritage event is one of the most scenic and tradition events on the golf betting odds calendar.

Nothing compares to Augusta and the course that must follow the Masters has no real chance of living up that kind of hype of the Harbor Town Golf Links as gorgeous and challenging course as exists outside of Augusta, GA.

And even though many of the top golf betting pros take the event off considering the hang over effect of the first Major event of the season there is still plenty of top talent at the Verizon Heritage and the plenty of great golf betting odds to play. In fact, the best thing about the Heritage is that it acts as a golf betting showcase for the young and up and coming talent in the golf betting odds world right now.

A run down the winners list of the Heritage over the past few years reveals that the event’s winner has traditionally been a golf betting pro on the rise and so often golf betting fans get their first real look at these players on rise at this tournament. Many of these rising golf betting players leave Augusta on a high and carry that good feeling over to the Heritage which often results in favorable results.

So even though the Heritage is not the Masters (and let’s face it, no other even is) there is still plenty of great golf betting action in a beautiful setting. So if you thought that golf betting action would be on hiatus until the US Open, think again.