US Open Odds top dare in Golf Betting at SBG Global

July 10th, 2024 Golf Betting

US Open odds makers are working hard trying to put together a list of wagering lines. This year’s US Open betting won’t actually go into practice until June ninth; the event is so huge in the world of golf betting that some US Open experts have been working on these lines since the beginning of the year. And with a talented field booked for the huge events the US Open makers have their work cut out for them.

US Open fans are spread out across the planet and most are hard core fans that will stop at nothing to get the very best US Open betting odds available. But because the US Open is such a major golf event the betting is also full of novice golf bettors who may play the US Open odds and no others all year. So when approaching the US Open odds seasoned bettors must take note to include the vast amounts of ignorant money that is bound to be floating in the US Open odds gambling.

Like in any sport that features major events, like tennis, the US Open betting are one of the top drawing betting opportunities on the PGA Tour. US Open odds are obviously one of the most high profile odds in the sport of golf and tend to attract a lot more bettors than an average PGA Tour would. That being said US Open betting odds fans should take into consideration the fact that these fair weather fans playing the US Open betting odds for perhaps the first time will overwhelmingly pick the favorite players to win the event.

It should come as no surprise to anyone even vaguely familiar with US Open that Tiger Woods will be the huge favorite at this year’s event, as he has been for every US Open competition over the past decade. With that in mind, it might be a wise strategy for US Open bettors to take a chance on a lesser known player as a long shot as the payoff will be much greater. The US Open are already so slim on Tiger, and with the inflow of ignorant money for the high profile event, that even if Woods beats the US Open , the payoff for bettors would be relatively minuscule.