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November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open betting is fast approaching and before sports fans know, the players will be teeing off on the first hole at Torrey Pines to inaugurate the 2008 US Open betting.

The US Open golf betting is one of the great experiences in all of sports wagering and fans will not want to miss it. And for those sports fans that have never experienced the US Open golf betting there has never been a better time than the present to give it a whirl.

US Open golf betting in 2008 will be held at the legendary Torrey Pines golf course in San Diego, CA. This is one of the most storied courses on the PGA Tour and the first time that it will host US Open golf betting. After hosting the PGA Championship and many other top PGA events the US Open golf betting organizers are finally willing to give it a chance as host of the US open betting. It’s a wise choice and one that should quell the quite uproar that resulted from the absurd difficulty of the course featured in last years US Open golf betting.

But Torrey Pines will be no easy course to play, especially if the weather kicks, something that has been known to doom US Open golf betting in the past. If wind and rains come through much of the success of the US Open golf betting entrants will depend on weather or not they can get on the course before the afternoon storms arrive, as is often the case at US Open golf betting events.

This year’s addition of the US Open betting is slated to kick off on June 9th and will run through June 12th. That time of year is some of the most beautiful in southern CA and it could very well be that weather plays an insignificant role in this year’s US Open betting. It would be a welcome change for many US Open golf betting fans and would allow players to shoot decent scores.

And for US Open golf betting fans it will be a great experience too.

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