US Open Golf Odds to win the tournament six times at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf odds have all the world’s greatest golfers pass through the US Open golf odds sheets throughout the past century but none has even come close to becoming a six-time US Open winner.

With several players holding four US Open golf odds titles a piece, perhaps the goal of six titles seems preposterous. But if any player has the skill and the guts to win the US Open golf odds six times, it’s definitely Tiger Woods.

US Open golf odds makers would probably spot his chances of accomplishing such a feat at 50/50. Those aren’t impossible odds, but the simply fact that no golfer in the history of US Open golf odds has ever done it, makes it a bit of a daunting task. There are currently four golfers in the history of the US Open golf odds that have four titles. All four (like Willie Anderson or Jack Nicklaus) are luminaries of the US Open golf odds, but still all are retired and none came all that close to being crowned a six-time US Open winner.

Woods is of course the most likely of today’s players still active in the US Open golf odds to be crowned the sport’s first six-time US Open winner. But that would take longevity and good luck. In fact, US Open golf odds fans might be surprised to learn that Woods has won the US Open golf odds just twice in a decade on tour, which means at that pace, he’d have to play for twenty more years to win the US Open golf odds six times. Also the US Open golf odds are not all that kind, as even a legend like Arnold Palmer only won the event once.

Still, if there is a player that can win claim the crown as a six-time US Open winner, it’s Woods. At just 31 years of age he’s in his prime and is once again the favorite in the 2008 US Open golf odds. He will assuredly win several more of the US Open golf odds events. Whether he comes out on top of the US Open golf odds four more times or not remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a possibility.

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