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November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting frequently involves wagering on a single player, such as Tiger Woods, to win the event.

The US Open golf odds listed by most sportsbooks offer the opportunity to wager on any of a couple dozen golfers, each reflecting different US Open golf odds depending on his potential. Nevertheless, US Open golf betting fans should always consider the possibility of wagering on the field, instead of or in addition to simply wagering on the US Open golf betting line of a particular golfer.

US Open golf betting on the field involves wagering that the tournament will be won by any golfer not represented in the US Open golf odds. In other words, if Tiger Woods or any of the other top golfers listed in the US Open golf odds wins the tournament then your wager will lose. On the other hand, if any of the more numerous non-listed golfers manages to win first place then a wager on the field will pay off. Many US Open golf betting enthusiasts refrain from US Open golf betting on the field because they feel it is highly unlikely that a non-elite golfer will beat such stellar competition. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the US Open golf betting line to be set in such a way that wagering on the field actually makes a lot of sense.

US Open golf betting veterans know that the US Open definitely is not always won by an elite player. With 156 participating golfers, it is very hard for even the world’s top players to hold off the handful of other golfers who happen to be playing the best tournaments of their careers. In fact, the relatively high chances of the field winning are reflected by the relatively low payout typically offered for wagering on the field. Nevertheless, because of the relatively high possibility that this wager will pay off, gamblers assessing the 2009 US Open golf betting odds will benefit from strongly considering the US Open golf betting line for the field and determining whether or not it offers value. Although many US Open golf betting fans will be skeptical about anyone in the field beating Tiger, there is no reason to assume Tiger will be able to win consecutive US Opens after his memorable victory last year. Moreover, with Phil Mickelson set to possibly miss the tournament this year due to his wife’s health issues, the stage may be set for a surprise winner in the 2009 tournament.

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