US Open Golf Betting on Matchups at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting often involves simply wagering on the US Open golf odds regarding which player will win the tournament.

Nevertheless, US Open golf betting fans can also often wager on US Open golf odds for some individual matchups throughout the tournament. This form of US Open golf betting simply involves wagering on which of two golfers playing together will perform better.

US Open golf betting on matchups obviously differs dramatically from betting on the US Open golf odds for the tournament’s overall winner. US Open golf betting on the overall winner requires placing a fairly low-probability wager, oftentimes before the tournament has even begun. US Open golf betting on matchups, on the other hand, allows bettors to wager on a variety of different golfers with different skill levels. Even golfers who have little chance of winning the 2009 US Open, and are therefore best avoided in the US Open golf odds for the overall winner, may still offer consistent value for US Open golf betting on matchups. Consequently, US Open golf betting fans with considerable knowledge about the many golfers participating in the tournament will often find the best US Open golf betting value by wagering on different matchups as opposed to simply the overall champion.

Successful US Open golf betting on matchups typically involves following golfers throughout the tournament and incorporating their previous play into one’s analysis of the US Open golf odds. For instance, if players like Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, and Lee Westwood play particularly well in the opening days of the US Open, then US Open golf betting fans can wager on these players with much more confidence later in the tournament. On the other hand, if such players struggle early on in the tournament then their US Open golf odds may need to be avoided as the tournament progresses. Nevertheless, when analyzing the 2009 US Open golf betting matchup lines, gamblers should remember that they are wagering on head-to-head matchups. Therefore, even if a player is not golfing especially well, if he is competing against a mediocre opponent then the golfer may still have a very good chance of winning his matchup and offering US Open golf betting value. Similarly, a golfer may actually have a relatively decent chance of winning the overall tournament, but if he is paired with a player like Tiger Woods then the golfer may still offer very poor value for US Open golf betting on his matchups.

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