Tiger is The Wild Card in The US Open Betting Action

Tiger Woods is a transformative figure in sports betting and even though he’s only played four golf betting tournaments in the past seven months he’s still dominating the betting odds conversation leading up the 2010 US Open betting action.

Since returning from his self-imposed exile from the PGA betting competition Woods’ play in the few tournaments he’s played in has been erratic and difficult for golf betting handicappers to get a handle on.  At times he’s been brilliant and others he’s looked awful.  But Tiger is still Tiger and it would be very difficult to bet against him, especially in the US Open betting.

After all, this year’s US Open odds competition will take place at Pebble Beach, the perfect spot for the US Open betting action; if the PGA were to pick a permanent home for the US Open betting action, it would be here.

And the last time that the US Open odds action unfolded at this idyllic golf course Tiger Woods was the winner.  But he didn’t just win the event, he dominated it shattering almost every US Open betting record in the process and more or less announcing himself the greatest player on the planet.  He has dominated golf betting around the world ever since.

Obviously this course is a special place full of special memories for Woods and he’ll looking to use the past success to fuel him to present day success in this year’s US Open betting action.

But he’ll have plenty of competition.  Chief contender number one in the golf betting action is of course his old nemesis Phil Mickelson.  Lefty already has one Major title under his belt so far this year and would love to add another.  Despite what the world rankings might say, Phil has been the best and most consistent golfer on the planet over past six months, as Tiger has been more or less absent from golf betting.

A great barometer for Woods possible success in the US Open odds competition is watching him play in the Memorial. All the biggest names in golf betting will be there and sports betting fans will see how he holds up against a talented field as well as how his recovery from a neck injury is going.

If he holds his own or even wins at the Memorial, we’ll know that Woods is indeed the favorite in the US Open betting action.