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November 30, 2010 Golf

It came as little surprise than that the eventual winner of last year’s US Open betting event won with a score of 5 over.

US Open golf betting is known for many things. Fans have long known the US Open odds betting experience to be characterized by the difficulty of its course layouts, the high level of competition among the players and of course US Open golf betting’s signature, the impossible courses that host the annual event.

Over the history in US Open golf betting there has been some real challenges but there have been several courses in recent years that have made the US Open odds betting experience all but impossible for players.

US Open golf betting fans have grown accustomed to the difficult of the host courses and the course layouts, but last year’s event held at the Oakmont Country Club in Western Pennsylvania was something wild even for the most seasoned US Open golf betting fan. In its previous stint as a host to the US Open odds betting experience, Oakmont failed to disappoint. But in the year 2007 the course took the challenge of hosting the US Open golf betting to heart and went to work creating the most difficult course imaginable for last year’s US Open odds betting.

The head groundskeeper went so far as not cutting the rough for months at a time. He also artificially dried out the greens and made the pin placement at last years US Open golf betting experience some of the most difficult in the history of US Open golf betting. There have been other instances of the host course going through similar extreme efforts to make the US Open golf betting course so difficult that it’s nearly unplayable, but Oakmont went above and beyond the call of duty according to many US Open golf betting enthusiasts.

Other courses, such as Beth Page Black and Shinnecock and even Pebble Beach when the wind picks up have been known to create dreadfully difficult backdrops for the US Open golf betting, but among hard core US Open golf betting enthusiasts Oakmont has been the hardest of them all.

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